Confessions of a Flora Lover

I’m sore, I’m blistered, I’m scratched, I’m skinned, I’m sure I have a bruise somewhere also.  All in the name of a pretty back yard.  I worked my little tooshie off on Saturday and dug up all of the sod from my back yard.  Brent hauled it all away and we laid down some sod and now it’s oh so pretty.  There’s still much work to do but we sure have a nice base to work with…it looks like a golf green.  Seeing that I’m not so much into all those lawn chemicals, I do believe this will be the prettiest it will ever be.  I do have all natural stuff though, so I will feed it.

I even dug a trench but, as I can see now, it’s not deep enough.  We have  a bit of a drainage problem so we thought we’d dig a trench and fill the bottom with gravel and then some top soil but it wasn’t deep enough and my hole is full of water.  I guess I have more digging in my future.  It’s fun though.

Yesterday I went to this most amazing nursery and gawked around at all the beautiful things.  One thing I love about living in a climate like this is that the plants are just amazing.  This gigantic pink hydrengas (sp?) were calling my name, I told them I’d come back for them once I got some top soil for them to enjoy.  The same thing happened with the Dalias, I told them all that I loved them and I’d be back soon to take them home and love them tenderly.  There were also puppies there so my endorphines were flying high (my lips were swollen from kissing them…stupid allergies).

They also have these trees that are perfect for one coping with ADD.  Each branch bears a different fruit and…holy cow.  I need one.  Peaches, plums, pears…oh my.  And they don’t get that tall, and I love them and I want them.  Well, one of those or a gala apple.  Why don’t people plant more fruit trees?  They’re so spectacular.  They also save a trip to the grocery store when you have a hankering for some fruit.  They’re pretty too.  Go buy a fruit tree!!  So good for the environment people!

Anyway, I could talk about flowers and gardens and whatnot all day long.  I’ll leave you with some photos of me getting dirty (in the actual dirt sense) and you’ll be pleased to know that you’ll be getting like a kabillion updates on the status of my very first garden which I’m SO excited about.  You can humor me and pretend to be excited.

conquering the ugly grass

nice view…you can tell Brent took the photos

stay back!

soooo pretty!!  So, that line across the fench is trench territory, soon to be fillyed with Dalias and perhaps some sunflowers.  The corner to the right will hold a dwarf fruit tree of sorts.  The pavers on the left (which I carried there…FREAKING heavy) will be the new home of my raised veggie garden.  You can’t see the ugly spruce thingy on the bottom left but i want to get rid of that because it’ll poison my soil!  And it’s ugly.

Now one more thing.  There’s this most amazing daffodil farm just close to where I live.  You can go there and buy cut flowers for so cheap.  All spring my house has been blooming with amazing yellow flowers (Leanne’s nose hasn’t been thankful).  It truly makes me happy.  Some of them don’t even look like daffodils, they’re amazing.  You buy them while they’re still closed so it’s always a surprise when they open up.  I snapped some photos of my most recent ones for you.  Totally different from my last bunches that I bought.  *sigh* it really is the little things that make living in this watery, polluted, people infested city worthwhile.

Yes, those ones are peach in the middle…I kid you not!

it’s like a big ball of WONDER


Sigh.  I guess the cat’s out of the bag, I’m pretty nutty when it comes to plant life…”flora” if you will.  I hope we can still be friends…


  1. WOW! The yard looks fabO! The flowers… I’m jealous – they are gorgeous! It will be much more enjoyable to be outside this summer. 56 pounds lighter than last summer! We’ll spend most of our time outdoors now 🙂

  2. Oh I am so jealous you have a yard, I think that’s all I want out of life. And you can have a garden and plant veggies, oh I’m so so jealous. I dream about that day. Your flowers are beautiful too!

  3. I have some pretty irises that you can have. Maybe some other crazy spreading stuff, too. Oh yeah – daylilies.

  4. That’s alot of hard work you put your shoulders to. I can hardly wait to see it…won’t be long now. Anything we can help you with? The daffodils are so very gorgeous…and of course you photographed them so well.

  5. OOOOOO… i love gardening, I am like you soooo excited to get in there and plant all kinds of stuff, veggie garden all planned out, woooooot!

  6. I’m your random reader that’s not really a friend but more friend of a friend (from Kristy). Anyway, i LOVE your gardening post. I feel like i’ve been living in my backyard. My husband and I built a shed ( and yes i helped!) and dug in ground sprinklers (because i killed my poor grass last year) and now i’m CRAZY excited to plant flowers. So fun to make it look pretty. Can’t wait for your updates. Oh. and hydrangas are lovely and beautiful!

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