I Believe in Green Tea

I heard on some show, a while back, that if you replace your coffee with green tea then you will lose 10 pounds in 1 month.  I’ve been trying to get myself to replace coffee with green tea for a while because the coffee really doesn’t make my tummy feel good, plus all the cream I’m adding to it.  So I finally made the switch.  Coffee is only for special occasions now.

I’ve actually lost 10 pounds, it took a bit more than a month and I have gotten a bit better with eating but I can’t believe that I lost the weight, I seriously blame it on the tea.  If I sweeten it I use stevia, I ran out so now I’m having two cups a day just plain and I’m actually not missing coffee.  I find green tea gives me more energy and feels WAY nicer on the tummy and bowels than coffee does.

I’m a believer.  My pants are starting to fall off and I can get up some of my capris from a few summers back.  It’s not pretty, but they button up.  10 more before summer and I’ll be rockin in the capris.  I really hope I can do it, i don’t wanna buy summer clothes.

My birthday is this week.  Send me presents.  I’m 25 this week! AHHHH


  1. I may need to try green tea…I’ll join you for green tea when we come to visit, okay? I’ll even bring you a present…25 is something to celebrate.

  2. Coffee is gross. And tea hates my stomach or my stomach hates tea – whichever. I love the smell of coffee, too bad I hate the taste. Cappuccino, I love. I thought you were older than me – maybe it’s because I look 12 so everybody looks older than me. Did I tell you some lady at a food party the other night said I must be what about 19?! haha

  3. oooh and Congrats!! I had to buy some new jeans – not loving spending the money – but loving that I lost enough weight that I needed new jeans. I did NOT love buying new bras because my boobs shrunk too though 🙁 That’s SO not funny.

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