Dear Mommy


You were not meeting my needs this morning. I was sitting in my booster seat this morning, waiting for my Cheerios and you were still in bed. Then you took your precious time to brush your teeth and to nurse Isaac. I was already annoyed when you came down.

THEN you had to wipe up the table and highchair and I was feeling like you could have gone and gotten me my Cheerios without all of this washing business.

When I asked for more banana in my Cheerios I didn’t mean THAT much banana. And when I asked for MORE Cheerios I meant it. The ones that had sunken to the bottom of the bowl with all of those bananas were not to my taste. I like the Cheerios that float on top with only two bits of banana, not four Mommy.

While you were nursing Isaac I wanted down from the table. I know that I can get down myself but today I wanted your help. When you told me I could do it myself I got angry at my soggy Cheerios with too high of a banana population and I whacked them. Then you gave me that look and your face got all red and funny. That made me cry. Then you said all these things VERY loudly and made me have a time out. Mommy, this wouldn’t have happened if you’d just have taken my half asleep, feverish brother, put him on the floor, and took my very capable bum off my booster seat.

Once my time out was done you told me to clean up my Cheerios. I was doing a fine job of wiping but then you made me pick up Cheerios and put them into the bowl. I didn’t like it, they were cold and squishy and it made my fingers feel funny. I did not like that one bit so I screamed and kicked as hard as I could because, lets face it Mommy, you really weren’t getting my point. Then you mysteriously sent me back to my step and cleaned the Cheerios by yourself. I wouldn’t have minded if you spilled all that milk down my leg and made an even bigger mess. You didn’t seem to like it very much though. That was a long time out.

Mommy, if you just listen to what I want in the first place then none of this would have happened. I don’t care if your nursing my incredibly feverish brother while still in bed. I NEED MY CHEERIOS! I don’t care if I’m demanding them an hour earlier than I usually do. AND I don’t much care to pick up or eat soggy Cheerios today so I wasn’t gunna. I told you that but you just weren’t listening.

You really need to get on your game Mommy, you’re getting old.

Love, Silas


  1. Sounds like my house!

    I love reading your letters to your kids and your kids letters to you, very funny. They also tend to give me insight into how our very demanding children may feel and not just how I feel when they are being terribly demanding!

  2. That was a hilarious read. I’m guessing that it wasn’t so hilarious as it was happening, but it was hilarious to read. THanks for that.

  3. You need to print out these letters and give them to the boys when they have their own demanding kids. :o)

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