One tends to wonder why ones child is acting like a psycho child.  Is it an ear infection?  Is he getting enough attention?  Is he getting enough exercise?  Is he over/under stimulated?

All these questions I’ve asked myself these past few days.  My “aha” moment came to me as I was brushing his teeth last night.  I kinda thought his two year molars wouldn’t be here for a while but as I went back with the toothbrush to get in all those nooks and crannies, I saw a little cusp of a tooth poking out.  Oooops.  So I guess along with those time outs I should have also been administering Motrin.  Woooopsie!  How come it always ends up being my fault?

Feverish baby is feeling almost back to normal.  I guess he had the flu or something.  He ate really well this morning.  He was starting to get those yellow mustard poops from just nursing all of the time.  I’m going to be engorged all over again.  Yay.  But it’s illnesses like this that make me happy I continued to nurse him through the 5 months of nursing hell.  The best thing for him is my milk and boy was he drinking a lot of it.   You never feel bad about nursing.

My tyrant is running around with cold legs and no pants on.  His pee soaked through during breakfast and I’m too lazy to give him pants.  He also has poo in his diaper and a soggy, cold piece of toast from breakfast that he’s just plucked up off the table.  It’s a proud Mommy moment.

Toast is the food of the week for both of the boys.  One of Silas’ favorite (and dreadfully annoying) books, that I’ve had to read 800 times today already, talks about a tasty piece of buttered toast.  So I thought it would be fun to make him some.  Now it’s the requested food de jour along with pancakes, chocolate cookies, orange juice, popcorn, Cheerios and milk and Smarties.

Speaking of Smarties, who was the nasty person that bought him shaky eggs?  Jill?  Well now he sees them and thinks there’s Smarties inside.  That’s been a source of time outs since Easter.  Hard shaky eggs being thrown across the room by the hands of an angry, chocolate craving toddler.  I know you bought them for Ikey Jill but perhaps keep the future in mind next time.  (Isaac uses them for their proper purpose and also tries to eat them without throwing them at his brother’s head afterward, my little angel…)

Anyway, looks like I need to get my hands into a poopy diaper and then get some pants on my tyrant before the cold gets past his layers upon layers of fat on his thighs and actually starts making him feel cold.


  1. Hey, don’t blame me for your molar cutting baby’s inability to appropriately cope with his sugar cravings!

  2. Dear One,

    Loved your last two blogs. I so hope the baby is
    his usual self now. So sad when our precious little ones are not feeling well. Well, now my dear grand-daughter. Should I tell on you. Love, from
    guess who. Hi Roselle. We have lots in common.


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