Debt Rantings

ist2_740048_canadian_money_3.jpgYou know that sick feeling that you get when you’re worried about money?  I have that in my stomach right now.  It’s awful.  I don’t understand why we all do it to ourselves.  Why do we live beyond our means.  Whenever Brent and I are dumb and doing that we’re not being smart and checking our finances.

We’ve gotten lazy and haven’t been living off cash.  Thought the other person was paying a bill when neither of us was…etc.  And now we’re both sick sick sick.

It’s funny, we’re not in dreadful amounts of debt, just enough to annoy the crap out of me.  We aren’t the typical people who get in debt.  We don’t buy anything.  Or we think we don’t buy anything because we don’t buy stuff like clothes, jewelery, make-up,  toys, nice cars, furnishings.  We just buy stupid things that don’t last like beer and pizza.  We have nothing but a fat fat Leah to show for our debt.  Oooo and the light therapy thingie I bought.  And lots of itunes music.

I feel stupid, I feel sick.  I just wish God would tell some crazy rich person to hand me a bunch of money so I could be rescued from my self-hating stress.

Most people aren’t honest about this kinda thing, not open or anything.  It’s shameful, it’s stupid, but it’s happening everywhere.  Us young folk have no idea how to manage our money.  Why aren’t schools teaching this?  How come my Mennonite (typically Menno’s are VERY frugal) husband didn’t get the good-with-money gene?

I think we need to be more open with this.  People find success and get themselves through things or whatever but we’re not conversing about it, not teaching the next generation how to be smart with their money.  I have no idea what a mortgage was until about 3 years ago…seriously…no clue.  What does that say about how we’re helping each other out here?  I’m not blaming any one person, perhaps just our society.  We’re so set on HAVING that we don’t weigh the consequences.  I don’t respect money enough, I don’t know how to work it.  I don’t know what bonds are or how investments work.  I don’t know anything.  Shouldn’t we know this before getting into our adult lives?
Anyway, just my rant.  I’m going to go throw up now….

…not really…just being dramatic.


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