Delta Labs Vitamin Review and GIVEAWAY!


It’s time for another giveaway and I am excited to tell you all about Delta Labs and their fabulous vitamins. Delta Labs was founded by a woman who really wanted to make a difference in the world of women’s vitamins. She’d never been satisfied with the options for prenatal vitamins and she hated seeing her mother-in-law suffer through hormone replacement therapy. I was eager to try these supplements because they come from the heart of a woman AND they are all natural.

Delta Labs Prenatal/ Hair, Skin & Nail Multivitamin Review

delta_labs_prenatalHonestly, my first reaction to the Delta Labs multivitamins was their incredibly pretty bottles. What’s fantastic about their bottles is that they give you a pre-paid postage sticker with your order to send your empties back to them. Once they receive it, you’ll get $5 off your next order. Green companies impress me the most. Perfect first impression.

Most prenatal vitamins are incredibly hard to swallow. Especially during the first three months of your pregnancy when anything is hard to swallow. What I love about Delta Labs is that they’ve taken the gigantic compressed horse pill that we are all used to and they put it into a much smaller capsule that you take twice daily. These pills go down easily.


I also am the type to take my prenatals before bed so I don’t get sick from them. I never got sick from these multivitamins.

The Hair, Skin and Nails were also in capsule form but they were a bit larger. Not a delta_labs_hair_skin_nailsproblem if you’re not pregnant. I didn’t really have a problem getting those down either.

I know I am pregnant but I’ve never had such amazing hair and nails during pregnancy. My hair has never been this long before. It still has body and it feels thicker and shinier. Being a hair professional, I am so impressed with how my hair looks now. I would definitely recommend these supplements to my clients.

Prenatal Pros

  • They’re super easy to swallow
  • They’re all natural and gluten-free
  • They have all the nutrients doctors recommend for a healthy baby
  • They come from a green company
  • They are gentle on the stomach
  • You can send your bottles back for free and receive $5 off your next order

Prenatal Cons

  • I didn’t like having to remember to take a pill twice a day. I sometimes ended up just taking them both with supper. Keep in mind, I’m a forgetful person.
  • If you take them after a meal you do get a vitamin tasting burp about 30 minutes later. Taking them mid-meal will stop that from happening. (It’s not that bad either)
holy long hair batman

Hair, Skin and Nails Pros

  • Contains all the nutrients you need to have optimum hair, skin & nail growth and quality
  • Capsule form so they’re easy to swallow
  • They actually work! Look how long my hair is!! And it’s still pretty!
  • They’re all natural and gluten free
  • They come from a green company
  • You can send your bottles back for free and receive $5 off your next order

Hair, Skin & Nails Cons

  • I didn’t notice much of a skin change but I’m also full of preggo hormones which are hard on the skin. BUT I should say that I don’t really have skin problems to begin with.
  • Vitamin tasting burp…see above.

All in all I would recommend these vitamins to anyone.


Head on over to the Delta Labs website and have a look at their products. Comment below with the one you’re most interested in trying for a chance to win that product on March 20th.

**open to Canada and USA only**


Hop on over to the Delta Labs Facebook page and check out how to win a $5000 Visa gift card.

To keep up to date with Delta Labs information, special offers and news, follow them on Twitter, “Like” them on Facebook, and add them to your instagram (user name: deltalabsusa).

Thanks folks and BEST of luck to ya!!

** compensation in the form of free product was given for this post**






  1. Oooooo! These look amazing:). I agree, great packaging:). I would love to try the detox bottle. I’m trying to get more into clean eating and I think a detox would be perfect to jump start this for me:)

  2. I would LOVE to try their prenatals. They actually look swallowable, unlike every other prenatal I’ve taken. The super-green aspects are awesome as well. Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

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