Done and Done

It is done. The shelving unit is complete and I’m as giddy as a school girl. It looks beautiful!! Yay us!! I’m soooooo happy! I think it looks fabulous…what do you think??





I’m sure some would have liked the fireplace better actually. Oh well. I think it’s hip and better. I should have gotten a wider shot, maybe when my house is clean. And YES, there will be some action taken against those awful cords. I think I’m going to put my Santa in that bigger cubby.

I’m full of anxiety. I need to get my big bum into gear and CLEAN. When I’m stressed out I shut down. Lets not give into this Leah…clean clean clean.

Sorry, I’m out of things to say. I had a million things to say that were buzzing around in my head but they all are hiding now.


It pays to have a hairdresser for a mommy. Nice new cut and a nice new shirt!

I thought I’d give him a cut before Christmas because of all the photos that will be taken. I thought grandparents would appreciate a neat and clean looking child in all of their family photos.

You can look for weight loss updates today in my weight loss section.


ooo he’s so cute!


  1. VERY NICE. Do you love it? Oh and Silas is so cute with new haircut. I hear you about shutting down when it comes to the crunch.

  2. I like the shelving unit a lot! A fireplace is nice to have, but this one seemed in an odd location: kind of hard to “curl up by the fire” when the fire is between rooms.

    PS I wish my little guy had a hairdresser for a mommy. He’s starting to sport a bit of a mullet and I feel powerless to stop it 🙂

  3. Love it! (but brrrr, won’t you be cold now?).
    Haircut looks great, BTW. My youngest boy just got his hair cut and looks like Fester from the Adams Family-he just wouldn’t sit still at the barbers. Oh, well! It will grow back.

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