I Want More

So, since getting off the awful birth control and having normal-ish hormonal feelings, my mommy heart has softened. I want another child. I want another chance at a baby girl. I want to give birth again, to tell my family exciting news, to have another person to love so deeply. I want a chance to actually TRY for a baby. I want I want I want.

Is this a practical want?? My mommy heart and my practical brain are telling me too different things. Lately, in true mommy heart form, my mommy heart has been convincing my practical brain that another child is most definitely a good decision. Even though pregnancy sucks and delivery suck and the first 3 months of having a baby suck and toddlers are bothersome and money is an issue and on and on and on. Kids are never practical anyway.

Who do you listen to? Mommy Heart or Practical Brain? Or does Mommy Heart never shut up and Practical Brain has to take over before you are over run with millions of snotty-nosed brats?

I’m just craving pink, I’m decorating her bedroom in my mind already. LOTS of pink, LOTS of dresses hanging in the closet. I’m picturing what my sister and mother would sew. They’d sew up a storm for a little girl. My other two sisters wouldn’t be able to stop buying her adorable clothes. Girls clothes are so cute. I’m craving another female in my family. I’m wanting to see my husband be drooly over a little girl, completely wrapped around her finger, needing me to talk some sense into him. I want to see him walk her down the aisle.

Anyway, shocking news for those of you that thought Brent was getting the good old snippy snip right away. It’s news to me too. Can’t argue with a mom, or her heart.

To up my chances of getting a girl, if we try for one, we’re going to try this. I know someone who did it with great success…after having three boys she was desperate. This program is 94.7% effective plus if you don’t get the baby you want they give you double your money back (it’s not expensive either). They’ll also take your child from you and make sure it goes to a good home…just kidding. You have to keep the baby. I thought it might up our chances anyway.

Anyway, pregnancy wont grace this body for some time still…years in fact…if ever. Unless we have another oopsie but I seriously think we’ve learned our lesson by now.

Please tell me who you’d listen to, Mommy Heart or Practical Brain?

PS Props to Mark who made the new blog header.  I have a few more he made for me as well…I’m excited to use them!


  1. When I was growing up we knew a family who had eight boys before getting a girl…that happens.
    I do understand wanting a girl, that’s what I’m hoping for this time. 🙂
    Hmm…my vote is for Mommy Heart, and make the Practical Brain fit in with it, can that work? Just think, you can be done having babies at 42 when menopause hits!

  2. Mommy heart. If you really want another then you will regret if you don’t. But you do seem really set on having a girl, and if you only want a child because you want a girl then i wouldn’t call that being rational. I think you need to st down and think if you really want another child (no matter the sex) or if you only want a baby girl. I think you already know the answer, but that’s my 2 cents

  3. Definitely Mommy Heart. I’m still on BCP and cannot WAIT to go off (three weeks!!!). I’ve got the baby fever big time though so I can go on and on about having a go at a girl. 🙂

  4. Heart or brain? Make a decision based on both. But pink dresses are just dresses – wait a few years and make a decision that you and Brent both know is right for your life. For now create a peaceful, happy home and become the whole, content person that you want to be.

  5. You have made wordpress’ top page!!! (where you sign in!!)


    I think you know the answer to your question…you already answered it!!! 🙂 I do believe it’s more of the aww factor right now and not so much the reality factor.

    But….when are you ever really ready for kids?!?!

  6. Or, if you really don’t want the boy child; there are many countries that will pay good money for him, being more valuable and all… 🙂

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