Stinky Freaking Paint

I taste oil primer in my mouth. Apparently that stuff is lethal and should only ever be used outside and then left outside for all of eternity. I had to use it on the mdf we used to build the shelves. I think it haunted me all night long. I can’t get it out of my nose. I’m freezing because all of my windows are open. It’s just not leaving. I think once I get another coat of latex paint on there the fumes might seal in a bit better. At least it looks fabulous right??

This weekend was all about that dang shelving unit. Good thing it’s almost done. I’m expecting to do a couple more coats of paint and then it’s done like dinner. We need to paint around it as well as we had to do a lot of drywall fixing.

I went to the fabric store yesterday afternoon to get the fabric to upholster the “bench” that was once the hearth of the fireplace. I just got Brent to cut me a piece of mdf and then I bought some foam and some fabric, did a little wrap job a voila, it fits inside the space we made for it. I felt like I was on Trading Spaces.

I was a mess in the fabric store. COMPLETELY overwhelmed. It’s not like I’ve never been in one before. But I’ve always had someone to tell me what we needed and I wasn’t ever the person making the fabric into anything, I was just going to be wearing it at the end. bench.jpg Anyway, the rolls of fabric were never long enough but looking back now, they would have been. I was going to go for a traditional pattern but it wasn’t working out with the roll length and the way the pattern moved. So I found some brown stuff with embroidered polka dots and off I went. I was actually nauseous at the end. Oh the stress!!!

The bench turned out beautiful. I had to pull a few staples to get it just right but it worked and I’m officially an upholstering genius…k not really but it made me feel really special. aaaa3.jpg

Anyway, that’s all. My house is a disaster and I really don’t think either of my children are sleeping. Time to go lay down the law and then clean.


  1. It looks good now and It’ll be fabulous when done . Good upholstering . You are making progress, and soon it’ll partytime at your house(and mine). Sorry the under coater was such a chilling experience.

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