Workin Away

Kids are sleeping, husband is building, I’m pondering which sort of fabric I want to use to upholster my bench seat in front of our shelving unit.  I’m feeling something more traditional tapestry looking.  I’m a clean line kinda girl but I think I beautiful pattern on the bench would kinda warm up my place…plus hide stains from sticky fingers.

K, Silas ISN’T sleeping.  I’m thinking he might not nap today.  But I’m mean and i still make him stay in bed in the dark until the time where he’d usually get up.  He’s happy in there though…don’t worry.

I’m so excited for all of my family to be here next weekend.  I’m making a list in my head of all the stuff I would like to see done before then.  I just want it to be comfortable for all those people in here.  I’m so happy that it’s going to be in my new home.  We’ll have 12 adults and 7 kids…hola!

Anyway, a lazy Saturday post….I’m going to shower and get pretty.  I need to go out a little bit today, I want to buy something nice to wear while we’re in MB for Christmas and look at some yummy fabrics for my bench seat!!!

Oh ya, for those of you in the UK or those who somehow miraculously get Channel 4 on their TV’s, the documentary I’m going to be in called “The Tripple Nipple Club” is airing Jan. 2nd at midnight.  I’m mortified but glad it’s not showing in Canada.

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  1. Thanks for visiting the circus! Parenting is in a world of its own. Today wasn’t one of my shiniest days as a mom. I remember the old me. Prechildren. When I believed in unicorns and rainbows! They are exhausting. At the same time you love them *so* much it doesn’t matter.

    Feel free to link to me. I’ll be linking to you and visiting often. I love the pictures.

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