Don’t EVEN!

I was going to go all sentimental on you and do a fabulous slide show of Silas from birth until three but I got too mad at the fact that I was lame enough to save all of the photos from the first year and a half of his life in a file size so small that it can’t even be printed.  Dumb head much?? ya that’s me.  I did have the originals somewhere…I can’t find them though.  It’s moments like these where you feel like you just ruined your child’s memories.  GRRRRR.

Anyway, they were all pixilated on the slide show and it made me angry so I stopped.

I don’t have a fever today but I am still sweating like crazy.  My body is getting rid of something.  The kids have had it with me being sick.  No longer are they ok with me laying on the couch watching Court TV while I bark orders at them.  K I’ve never watched Court TV but I wanted to sound cheesy.  I’ve been watching The Food Network and feeling sorry for myself that I can’t make crispy custs and whatnot because we don’t eat gluten anymore.  Where was I??  Oh yes…the kids have had it.

But back to Silas being three…he’s really really very much three.  Tell me if this is correct: isn’t it the three year olds that ask for something then change their minds right away to something else?  Or is it three year olds tha purposely do something naughty while staring at you and smiling then continue to smile as you scold them?  All of the above?  Thought so.  I knew the terrible twos was a lie…it’s three year olds that you have to watch out for.  They’re smart enough to sneak and they actually start lying.  When do I get to send him away to boarding school?  Oh wait, yes I’m poor, NEVER.  Not that I would anyway, obviously, I like torture.

Little Isaac, on the other hand, is emptying my bookshelf and handing the books to me.  I make a big stack and put it all back so he can empty it all over again.  His communication has gone up a notch.  When asked a question he will say “no” or “OH kaaaaay”.  Oh jeepers…I’ll just show you his talking…he’s disgustingly adorable so I warn you now…beware (God made him that way so he’d survive my wrath when he’s acting like such a STINKER)

So there ya go…the bright side of all of this…I toootally lost 5 pounds while being sick.  BOOYA!  I’m in the 140’s baby…feels a lot better than those rolly polly 180’s.

Oh ya…PS…Silas’ vocabulary is really starting to pick out…GFCF diet?? MAAAAYBE.

What a psycho manic blog I just wrote.


  1. Oh my heavens, I thought I looked like Mom! We are all slowly and gracefully morphing into her. Cutie cute video. xoxo

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