On the Mend

Goodness me I’m tired.  I think my body just kicked the butt of some super duper evil germs and now it’s just exhausted from it.  It’s weird, my fever at the highest was 101.5 I think.  Nothing really happened other than a little sore throat though.  Weird for such a fever, it’s left me tired though…very very tired.  Wait, I’m always tired.  Extra tired today.

I do have a delicious pork butt in the slow cooker that’s getting to know a whole head of garlic, two onions, some mushrooms and taters.  Lucky pork butt…lucky me later…mmmmmmmm but then not lucky me…pork gives me weird tummy pains.  Oh well.  Perhaps this time I wont eat too much…BAHAHAHA.

My husband was a wonder when I was sick.  He’s so good at taking care of me.  He even went out to get me cookies…I get weird cravings when I’m feverish.

K knock on wood but my kids are actually enjoying each other right now.  It’s odd.  Usually they despise each other and scream all day.  I’m enjoying the giggles for once right now.

Anyway, I’m definitely on the mend and obviously re-inspired to blog daily which is what’s best for me.  Tell everyone I’m back K?  Start doing that annoying thing you all do when I don’t blog on a day and say “WHERE’S YOUR BLOG ARE YOU OK?? I NEED TO READ YOUR BLOG!”.

I’m glad I’m mending.  Perhaps as I mend from being sick my brain will be inspired to mend itself a little as well and perhaps I’ll suddenly start remember to…clean…


  1. Glad you feel better. I have a beef roast getting to know all of the same ingredients!! We ate pork last time. I prefer pork, it is more tender. Anyway…have a good holiday. ~C

  2. Do you crave meatbuns when you’re sick…I just made 211 of them today. Glad to hear Brent took good care of you.

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