Pooooor Brent

Brent came home yesterday with a raging fever.  Ooops.  I guess he caught the germies.  He doesn’t ever get sick though so I thought he could withstand my germies.  Unfortunately he can’t.  So last night I did my best to nurse the poor man back to health.  He’s on the couch right now watching sports.  Poor fella.

Last night he took his temp and it was nearing 103!!  I quickly got and absurd amount of advil into him and he’s fever broke a while later.  PHEW.  He sweat buckets the whole night though.  It’s a sweaty sickness this one.  Yucky.

I’m treating him like a baby.  Lots of care and snuggles and kisses and forehead checks.  He seems to be on the mend already though which I’m happy for.  Can’t care for another baby for too long ha ha.

Anyway, my mind and prayers are with the people in Mumbai today.  I hope to goodness that no one else dies.

Back to nursing my dear husband back to health.


  1. We just arrived home a short while ago. Almost 5pm. Elise and Gordon had Thanksgiving. Andrea broke her arm last night – a fall getting out of the shower. I do not know exact details, but I believe the break (shattered) was her left upper arm. That will be the end of her violin TacomaSymphony playing for awhile. We had a good time as usual at family gatherings. Love, Gram

  2. We were sorry to hear that Brent was so ill. No fun! Sounds like the old flu to me. Gramps and I got our flu shots yesterday. Hope it helps prevent us getting the old bug. Love, Gram

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