Driving Miss Daisy

I got this in my in box a while ago:

I’m so sorry about missing my last post. I wrote half of in and then I was sure I finished it, but for some reason I guess I didn’t. So here’s what I wrote if you still want it. Still sorry! Love you!!

“Wow. My final week already. Its kinda sad. Sad like…end of summer camp sad. Sad like…end of DQ blizzard sad. Sad like…losing your T.V. remote kind of sad. Just Sad.
Hmm. What LeLu and Cootie story shall I leave you with? What story shall I leave like the song stuck in your head or the taste left in your mouth? What more shall I say then…
I shall title this Blog…Driving Miss Daisy. (Side note. All stories are beyond the 7 year period and I’m pretty sure they have all been told. Even one of them by accident. I’m still sorry about tattling to Other Mom and Dad. My Bad)

The year LeLu and I turned 16 was a special year. We earned out freedom via the graduated licensing program. I had the pleasure of earning my freedom a month and a half earlier than LeLu. Neither of us had earned that freedom the first time we drove Other Moms car. I was not often swayed to antics that would really get us in trouble, but on this occasion I threw in my hat. We were at a youth event and LeLu’s older brother drove us there. (Side note B. He once drank apple juice I gagged on and spit back into a glass. ew) Big Bro made the mistake of giving the keys to LeLu and Cootie who “Just needed to look for something in the car”. You see, both LeLu and Cootie had their “L’s” or learners licenses. Cootie knew how to drive standard, but LeLu didn’t. I can’t remember who instigated it, but LeLu needed to learn stick shift and Cootie was a willing teacher. Once in the parking lot Cootie explained the theory behind the third pedal in Other Mom’s little white car.
With LeLu behind the wheel we backed up and then proceeded to drive around the church parking lot (we didn’t want to get in THAT much trouble.) I decided LeLu needed to learn to stop so I explained that you had to put the clutch in or we would stall. So at that moment LeLu slammed both the clutch and brake. Cootie then slammed her head into the dash board because she neglected to wear her seatbelt for the little parking lot jaunt. After the laughter subsided, LeLu and cootie reparked Other Mom’s car in hopes that we hadn’t been missed too much and Cootie has never EVER driven without a seatbelt a

Hey Court, do you remember when you made me go 4by4-ing in that car?  Then you made me go through the deep puddle?  Then the car stalled and it wouldn’t start again so your dad had to pick us up.  Why didn’t we get in trouble for that!?

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