One sunny afternoon I was sitting on my mom’s back lawn with Jill.  I was telling her how I’m just making the word “autism” common for Silas…so it’s not taboo…it’s just always been there for him.  Suddenly Silas spoke up and said “I’m not autism I’m handsome”.  Ohhhh we laughed and laughed.  Perfect Silas.

So Jennie, hearing Jill tell her what he had said, came up with the idea to put that quote on a t-shirt.  I’ve been wanting to make shirts to sell to raise funds for Silas.  I just didn’t have any ideas yet.  But the idea has been born and put in to the works.  There is now a store open where you can purchase a shirt.  All proceeds go to fund Silas’ therapy.

Our first goal is to get enough money to take him to a Dr Amen clinic in WA where they will do a brain scan and tell us exactly how his brain is working.  From there they can recommend all different types of treatments, food, supplements, medicines and therapies that we KNOW will work because of the results of the scan.  This is about $3000 US I believe so start buying shirts!!  There’s only a few basic ones on there right now but I have more graphics in the works.  All shirts will have the saying “I’m not autism I’m Silas” on them.    So if you don’t like anything now, be sure to check back and see what we have in the shop!!  And of course I’ll keep reminding you too 🙂


SHIRTS FOR SILAS <——click there to get to the store.

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