Sorry folks, I’ve been SO caught up in this shirts for Silas thing that I’ve not done a bit of blogging.  I’ve added SO MANY new shirts and things that you must go check it out.

links:  USA Canada UK

You can order from any place in the world…FYI.

Anyway, there’s lots of new stuff up for grabs there.  There’s a new shirt that says “I love someone with autism” on the back.  I like that saying too.

On my last blog I said they said “I’m not autism I’m Silas”….not true.  Most say “I’m not autism I’m handsome”

There’s also some baby shirts up now, buttons, mugs, magnets…you name it.  I make almost as much $$ off a mug as I do a shirt so they’re a good idea to buy too!

I’ve tried to make them look as trendy as possible so you know when you wear a Shirt for Silas you’ll be hip hip hip.  Hip with a cause.

Now go buy something before I cry in my afternoon coffee 🙂

Love you all.

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