Party Day!

Today at preschool Silas had what’s called a party day!  It’s so much fun.  All the kids sing us parents their songs they’ve learned.  We hear about what the kids are doing and what they’re about to do.  It’s pretty cool.  We then sing happy birthday to the kids who have had bdays that month and then the parents leave.

I had tears in my eyes seeing Silas standing up there.  He had to stand on a red line so he looked back to his aid and said “look I’m standing on the red I”.  I love that kid.  He stood there so nicely and sang so nicely.  made me teary.  He’s so precious.

I forgot my camera though…bummer 🙁

I just went upstairs and didn’t get within three feet of Silas and he said “mommy are you eating Kashi, milk and banana?”  I said what?  Then he changed the kashi to All Bran Buds and I couldn’t believe it!!!  I’m eating All Bran Buds, YOGURT and banana…but pretty frickin close enough.  Wowsa.

How is my kid SO good at SO many things?  Alesha and I were talking today and she said “you notice how Silas can imitate a sound of something perfectly?”  I was like “ok I’m NOT crazy?”  cuz he DOES.  I just never wanted to say anything because I felt like I talk about his gifts so much that I couldn’t POSSIBLY point out another…but she did first so I’m allowed.  His ability to imitate is really weird, especially when he’s imitating beats with his mouth.  My little beat boxer.

Anyway, enough bragging about my perfect smeller, harmony singing, lyric memorizing, amazing spelling, reading, counting to 1000, imitating three year old.  😀  I’m sure I missed something in there…oh ya…his smile is like sunshine 🙂


  1. We are very proud of our very young great grand-
    sons. So glad the parents love, teach them, and take care of them so wonderfully. Gram & Gramps

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