Okay I really have like….zero time to talk.  So much to do, so little time.

Silas was sitting for his three minutes cuz he hit me.  To entertain Ikey I was rocking him and singing him the sesame street song.  When Silas’ time was up he wanted me to do that with him, so I got Ikey to bed and then sat on Silas’ bed and sang to him and rocked him and rocked him and rocked him.  He was falling asleep at the end.  I think we did that for about 30 minutes before I finally told him I had to go.  It was so sweet.

It reminded me of when he was little and I’d have him all wrapped up with his blanket, his sucky taking up half his face and his big brown eyes looking up at me.  We did a LOT of rocking and a LOT of singing those days.  So warm and cozy.

So I’ve fixed up my bike so I can ride it and it’s so much fun!!  Bike riding is WAY more fun that running or walking.  I get to go FAST.  I wanted to get a seat for Ikey so he can ride with me.  I noticed my neighbour had one and I asked her if we could borrow it to see if Ikey would like it and she just gave it to me!!!  We took our first ride today to Leanne’s house and Isaac was soooooo in to it.  He let out a happy giggle as we rode off and he was calm and relaxed the whole time.  Brilliant.  A perfect thing for him and I to do together.

OKAY, my timer is going off.  I gave myself 15 minutes to be on here before I need to go do stuff!!  I babysit tonight and my house is still a mess and i need a shower!!

Love you all!!!!!



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