Seeing that I am still a busy buzzy bee, I’m going to give you highlights of the week in point form. (grandma and grandpa close your ears and say “lalalalala”)  I need to get back to cleaning my room as tomorrow is my anniversary and it needs to be in top form for the one time a year we consummate our love for each other 🙂 (or the 300th time but who’s counting :)?) Stop looking at me like that.  Anyway, at this point, even a lit candle in there is a hazard so it’s best to make it all shiny for our married shenanigans.

MOVING ALONG.  perverts.

-We spent the whole long weekend at the parents resort house.  It was fabulous.  I went on two bike rides which was great.  We also celebrated Papa Mark’s 50th birthday.  It was good to spend time with family.  I love that Jill lives so close, I’ve seen her more this summer than I have in the past 3 years I assume.

-Silas bit Alesha this week but she stuck through a 45 minute tantrum and came out on top!  GO Alesha go!
I’ve found a very great new way of giving Silas the sensory input he needs.  I got the idea from Jill doing this one song with him lying down.  I pretty much just sing about what I’m doing to him and I kneed, pound, squish, squash, smother…etc.  By the end of it there’s usually drool coming out of his mouth.  I’d say it’s a good tool.

-I still haven’t heard about the TV show.

-Wednesday I met with Silas’ aid and his CDC worker.  They’re both fabulous and I’m sad his aid has to leave us in a few months.  Selfish lady…like c’mon…push out the baby and get your butt back to Silas’ preschool class!

-Preschool on Thursday was a success.  His aid was fabulous.  I’m proud of him AND her.  He’s been asking to go back ever since.  I dunno what happened in there but he said something about circle time and singing songs.  He also shoved an apple that he put stickers all over towards me when I got through the door.  Cutest ever that he wanted to show me.  *pride*.  The other mom’s in the preschool seem really nice.  One also has a boy with a peanut allergy, he’s older but she’s a good person to befriend for Silas to have playdates with and stuff.  The kid’s birthday party will be an easy one to go to etc.  Pray they become friends!

– Last night Brent’s friends from Manitoba came over for supper.  It was great to see them and feed them and have their youngest little girl run around just as crazy as my kids do.  Silas and her daughter Gracey are a little apart in age but about the same developmentally.  He never gets to play with a kid the same as him so they had a total blast, they were so cute giggling together.  They were even quiet a lot and NOT getting in to trouble!

-Today I was organizing Silas’ drawer so I could neatly put his clothes away and Ikey was spinning around really fast to the music.  He whacked his head so we had a cuddle.  He sat there admiring my cool pedicure I got a few weeks back (and is still beautiful!) and next think I knew I was sitting on the bathroom floor painting his toe nails purple.  He also has pink fingernails.  We also did some peppermint foot lotion for him and daddy’s cologne.  He’s really proud.  He just tromps around the house looking at his toes saying “pritty toes”.  Cutie pie.

– the end.

Have a good weekend folks!


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