What a HUNK!

Silasandowen Silas loves holding his cousin Owen, his whole body gets relaxed, face and all.  He rubs and smells and kisses Owens head.  It’s just like holding a baby does to any of us.  It’s almost like therapy for him.

This photo just shows you exactly that.  Plus, the resemblance to his father in this photo is just unreal.  He looks so much like Brent here.  It looks like a mini Brent holding a mini Colin (Owen’s Daddy).  Unbelievable.  I really have trouble not staring at it for long period of time because his face is just so beautiful and he looks SO MUCH like Brent.  He’s the hunkiest little boy in the world.

We had my friend Sheena over today, she’s got a 6 month old.  Silas loves her to bits but has a hard time with her grabbing everything.  They did have a nice snuggle but it’s not the same for him as holding a newborn.  There should be some type of newborn therapy for kids with autism…who can handle that.  It just changes his energy to calm at light speed.

Gosh it looks like Brent’s staring at me in that photo…but all I see is his hairy arm ha ha.

Yesterday we ran in to this family.  The son obviously had autism but I waited for the parents to say something to us about it.  This boy was very different from Silas, really high energy and CONSTANT sensory seeking behavior.  Just constant.  It was painful to watch because I felt so sad for him, how frustrating must that feel?

Finally we got to talking and this boy, who was obviously lower functioning than Silas had only been diagnosed with NOS-PDD which means no funding.  They’ve been given nothing.  No therapy of any kind, not even from the CDC centre.  Unreal.  He said that he was also diagnosed aspergers.  That makes no sense to me because the boy was older than Silas with less language.

It’s been weighing tremendously on my heart today.  These parents were very uneducated.  The father didn’t even know that his son’s language was far behind.  He didn’t even know that kids with autism don’t feel sympathy…in general…some do.  You could tell they were exhausted, that they needed help in a bad way and that they obviously didn’t have much money.

How are children falling through the cracks like this in BC?  I don’t get it.  I believe he was wrongly diagnosed, he’s in serious trouble and there’s no on advocating for him.

Everytime I think of going back to school and getting a career I think of things I could do with it that never require me getting paid.  Like me becoming a psychologist and doing extremely cheap diagnosis for families who need it NOW and cannot afford it.  Or becoming some sort of therapist and doing it for families like these who need the help but have no money.  There needs to be some sort of center or non profit agency for things like this.  SOMEONE needs to stand up.  Maybe it’s me.  I dunno.  I’m obviously not bound to be a millionaire if I always dream of giving my services for free!!


  1. It’s sad when so many “fall through the crack” for various reasons. Just another reminder that education, and persistence, are so important to our well being.

  2. That photo is just so wonderful. As for the children falling thru the cracks you know better than anyone how truly sad that is after you’ve seen thw difference that therapy makes.

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