Things are getting SOOOOO busy it seems.  Today has been go go go go go.

First Silas had therapy so Ikey and I went out on the town to get groceries, when we got home it was time to go to Silas’ preschool so he could play in it for a bit before classes started.  The teachers were really nice and we had a very long talk about how important it is for everything to be peanut safe for Silas.  We also talked about how things are going to work and how it’s all going to happen.  I feel good having met them and I was pleased with the language they used with Silas.  Silas really liked the classroom quite a bit.  Hopefully it’ll be an easy transition.  I’m guessing it wont be but it’s ok to hope right??

It’s good to be busy because when I sit for too long all I think about is the TV show I might be on.  And then the anxiety comes and I start freakin out…or getting excited.  AAAAHHHHH I hope they pick me!  Pick me pick me pick me pick me!!!

Silas is in the middle of a bit of a power struggle with his therapists at the moment.  He loves them to bits but he wants to do what HE wants to do.  It’s hard sitting down here and listening to him scream CUDDLE MOMMY!!  While they try and calm him.  But he needs to learn to calm without my cuddles.  He gets as many cuddles as he wants AFTER therapy but he needs to also do it on his own.  It’s hard to listen to, it’s hard to not go in and hug my sad little boy.  I know it’s best for him.

Ikey and I leave a lot while Silas is in therapy.  It gives us some alone time and it’s so much easier to go errands with just one child.  Ikey get’s LOTS of mommy time these days.  It’s good but I feel bad for him because he sees it as Silas has all this fun stuff he gets to do and Ikey has to be with mommy.  I do take him out for hot chocolate lots and sometimes for breakfast.  He’s so cute eating hot chocolate.

Anyway, I should depart.  Very shortly the new blog will be up.  I was too nervous about this TV show thing to do anything productive.


  1. They’s be crazy not to pick you. As for Silas I can’t imagine how hard it would be to hear him cry for you to cuddle with him. Ikey’s lucky to get you all to himself, I’m thinking it is really good for him.

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