Carpet Shampoooooo

Carpets are like really big socks that we always wear but never wash.  We shake em out a little bit and the put them right back on. Don’t wash them until about a year or two…or five…




I got a carpet cleaner today for our carpets.  We don’t have many, just in the boys rooms and on the stairs.  I also have an area rug downstairs.  The water that comes out of the carpet is SICK.  I was shampooing and wondering “how much if this is poo and pee?”  I know there’s a good chance that a lot of it was.  Mainly in Silas’ carpet.  Ikey’s was fairly clean, the stairs were most foul and my area rug was…well…*shudder*.

Why do we even OWN carpets?  UGH.  So gross.  I put them in the kids rooms and on the stairs for the kiddos, because they play in their rooms and they wont as easily cut their foreheads open as they fall down carpeted stairs.  They’re still sick and nasty nasty things though.  BLUAH.

I just used vinegar and borax to wash them with and it worked smashingly.  You don’t need all those yucky chemicals to do your rugs.  I’ve been meaning to do them since we got them to wash away the scotch guard and new chemicals from a carpet.  Did you know that scotch guard can cause all KINDS of issues in kids??  Well now ya know.  It’s handy stuff though.

Anyway, the rooms are smelling fresh as a daisy and my area rug has gone all wavy and bumpy cuz it’s a cheap piece of….

That’s all.  Go get hard floors and stop wearing the same socks around all year.


  1. Yes! Yes! Yes!

    Everytime I get frustrated with the amount of dust/hair/dirt that so quickly collects on our floor I think to myself “at least its not trapped in a yucky carpet!” So so so much better for my allergies too. I can actually spend time in houses with pets when there’s no carpet!

  2. Oooo…oooo, nice tip about vinegar and borax! I can’t stand carpets or the chemical cleaners… Hello Kawasaki disease! I know three people who caught it after shampooing there carpets.

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