5 Pounds!

Wooot, my scale had good news for me today.  I’ve lost 5 pounds!  I’m pretty stoked.  woot woot.  5 more pounds and all my Christmas sins will be erased.  Ya that’s right, I gained 10 pounds from xmas…shush…

I’m waiting for my parents to arrive.  I’m very excited about it.  I miss them muchly.  They’ll be taking me and the boys home with them on Sunday to spend the week 🙂  Very exciting.  I can’t wait to cook in mom’s kitchen and sit in their hot tub!

I think my kids got together this morning and decided to both be evil to tick me off today.  They were MONSTERS!  Evil evil monster children.  Isaac has been hitting and *gasp* headbanging.  I dunno what changes in the air or the water to make them get like that.   It’s easy to blame myself for it though.  I guess it could be because I’ve been on a cleaning frenzy and haven’t been paying a good amount of attention to them.  Oh well.  The house wont clean itself!  I’m glad they’re both sleeping!!!

Anyway, all is well otherwise.  My parents should b here any minute and ummmmmm, welll…that’s all.


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  1. As your Grandpa, I am going to have to inform you that my grandsons are NOT evil and they are not monsters, So There!!!
    (P.S. And quit calling them those names)
    Love, Your Grumpy Gramps

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