Transformation Update

The transformation plan did not involve getting sick but I’m having to fit that into the plan anyway.  Darn sinus infection.  It’s kinda cut into my running schedule.  I’m hoping to be better enough tomorrow to run again.

I wasn’t impressed with the amount of weight I lost in my first week.  I was hoping for at least 5 pounds but it didn’t happen.  But, 3 pounds a week is a really safe way to go so I guess that’s alright.  It would bring me to 139 by my birthday which is only 9 pounds from my ideal goal so I guess that’s not too shabby.

Happiness and energy wise?  Meh, not too great.  Although I’m being dragged down by this sickness.  I’ve been feeling it wearing me down for a long time now.  I’m dilligently rinsing my nose which keeps most of the sniffles, snot, stuffiness and pain away.  Just the run down feeling that sucks.  I would say the energy is up though.  A tad, but at least it’s up right?

My parents are coming tomorrow so I’ve been working hard at getting things clean.  I dunno if it’s going to be up to the standard I want because I’m mainly loaded down with skads of laundry but oh well.  Mommy still loves me.

Anyway, I’m happy I’m on this little journey.  I have some great people who are encouraging me.  A few friends who make me go run and someone who checks in daily to see how it’s all going for me.  I’m really enjoying eating sushi and beans and fruits and veggies.  My cravings aren’t so bad anymore and I’ve stopped snacking at night.  Tis a good feeling.

You know what else feels good?  Seeing this:




  1. I still love you too….always will. Do you make your own sushi?!?!! Hope the cold goes over really quickly for you. Nice photos of Ikey and his daddy, thanks.

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