Finger Painting!!

Silas has always had a hard time with drawing.  He doesn’t know how to grasp the writing utensil firmly and it always flops around in his hands.  It also just stresses him out a lot and he’d just rather someone else draw him letters, shapes and numbers.

The other day I noticed that he would trace a circle on his chalk board with his fingers.  Sooo…finger paint?  I had already asked for paints for him for xmas and this weekend at our family get-together Uncle Andy delivered on it.

So last night I sat Silas down to do some finger painting.  I was cautious.  I didn’t draw anything in particular.  We didn’t used brushes, just our fingers.  Silas wouldn’t typically put his fingers in goop…and he wouldn’t usually “draw” on paper.

Once I showed him how it worked that boy dove into it and just went for it.  By the end he even had painted his face, my face and his arm.  SO GOOD for sensory issues…SO GOOD.  He wouldn’t touch the insides of the pumpkin we gutted for Halloween but he sure loved the paints.  I think it was the colors because he wont really touch glue and it feels about the same.

Anyway, there’s nothing like watching your child make such a mess and be beaming about it the whole time because it’s good for him.  I was in shock when he painted on his arm.  Just fabulous.  Finger painting is  our new thing!  I’ll shut up now and give you pictures of it.




Making an H with his fingers.
painting his arms
fun fun fun
fun fun fun
moosh moosh moosh
moosh moosh moosh


  1. That’s just plain wonderful, I’m excited about that…it looks like he had a really good time. Thanks for the pictures.

  2. Grandkids never cease to amaze us.
    Your rendition of “Honey its Cold Outside” was terrific. Gramps thought your singing partner was Hubby. My goodness Gal, but you can really sing – in a style we were used to and still love.
    I want to keep bragging. Your Mom sent us the song – thanks to computers.

    Now, we will have to wait for our trip North. I am on another round of anti-biotics and have to go to the doctor again on Thursday. So, we will have another C. when Terry and Jennie return from their trip.
    What precious pictures of Silas. Thanks for sending them. Love, Gram

  3. that is so awesome and therapeutic too! I used practically squeal with joy when I was able to finger paint as a kid. no boundaries, no lines to stay in – it’s the best.

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