The BEST Snuggle

OOOO I just had the best morning!!!  The planets aligned or something because oh my, the best snuggle ever.

Silas wanted out of his room so I snatched him up and brought him to be bed for a quick snuggle.  Isaac was just starting to whine so I thought it would be quick but he got totally quiet after like a minute.

The wonderous snuggling went on for a good hour.  Every once in a while he’d say “all done snuggling” and he’d roll into a new position and stay there despite me saying “ok” every time.  Eventually he rolled ontop of me to get off the bed but then ended up laying there for another 10 minutes.  Then I hear another “all done cuddle” and he rolls again only to lay and snuggle for another while longer.

It was like he didn’t want to stop snuggling but he was also hungry.  Eventually the hunger won.

I checked on Ikey half way through and he was fast asleep, surrounded by toys, with his bum up in the air and his face smooshed into his sheet.  It was a wonderful sight and it also meant I could snuggle silas for much longer 🙂

Now Silas isn’t just your ordinary snuggler.  He’s an expert!  He gets right in there as close as possible and has this extraordinary way of melting right into you.  He doesn’t wiggle much, he’s dedicated in his snuggling.  Sometimes he tried to press further in to you by smooshing his face into yours.  It’s amazing.  There’s nothing like snuggling with Silas, nothing.

Anyway, we got up and woke up Ikey who imediately did that woke up too fast shake thing and was talking jibberish so I asked him if he needed a snuggle and he said OKAY and clung to me while patting my back.

I brought them downstairs knowing that no matter what sort of insanity I’ll be facing on this dreary day, I have a morning full of sunshine.  It’s somthing to cling to.


  1. I agree! Silas IS the best snuggler! Loved your blog today! I am glad you had such a nice morning! One for the ages! Can’t wait to snuggle both of the boys in a couple of weeks! Have a great weekend Munchy!

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