I’ve been sitting here staring at the blank screen for like 5 minutes.  I’m hungry but I don’t know what I want to eat.  I’m SO tired but when I went to bed I was all wide awake.  I took a shower instead – which is pretty impressive for me these days.

I’m really ready for this all to be over right now.  I just want to move on in the pregnancy and feel a bit better but right now I feel like it has no end.  I honestly can’t see myself loving food ever again.  It’s disgusting.  I just want someone to stick one of those things in my belly button and I can shoot food in myself that way.  I’m annoyed every time I get hungry.  Can’t I just live off club soda?  Please?

I guess it’s also a blessing in disguise.  I’m not having any cravings which means this pregnancy I am not eating entire jars of olives in an hour or making a batch of cookies, eating half the dough and baking the rest only to finish those off too.  I did eat half a cantaloupe….it gave me some wicked intestinal fun the next day.  But the only thing growing here is my belly and my hair and I guess that can be a good thing.  Kinda.  Unless my fetus starves because I don’t know if there’s much nutritional value left in my fat stores.

Anyway, enough of this complaining.  I’m going to go check out what we have for food, gag…force myself to not throw up and then put something semi palatable together.  Lets just hopes there’s not 6 more months of this….


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