Birth Party

A lot of people are pretty private about their deliveries.  Usually they have only their husband with them, some refrain from even calling the family until after the baby is born.  Some have their mom there too but of course, if you’re about to be spread eagle on a bed with no pants on – you usually don’t want many people to witness that.  Except if you’re me I suppose.  I kind of need a party.  A birth party.

Not everyone is invited.  Not even close.  Some attendants at my births have voiced how they wish I would allow so and so to be there and – nope.  Closed event.  But I do need my mom and as many sisters that can make it – that does include my sister in law Leanne who usually pops by and ends up staying.  It’s perfect.  These are the only people in the world that I will allow to see me at my most vulnerable, my most exposed and at the same time, my most powerful.

Every time I think back on my previous deliveries I get teary.  Just knowing I was surrounded by so much love and support.  That these people who adore my children almost as much as if they were their own, got to be there when their loved ones were born.  I think it’s really special and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

birth partyEach of them take on their own roll as they all have different personalities.  Of course my husband is my main supporter.  He’s there the entire time and he’s strong for me throughout even though I know it kills him to see me in such agony.  My mom is my gentle touch that I need.  Her hands are so soft and amazing and she runs them through my hair as I breathe through contractions.  Sometimes I just make her stand still and I stare into her eyes.  It brings me great comfort.  My sisters are there, quietly supporting, saying soft prayers, keeping Brent nourished and making him take breaks.  They support in every way they can, even holding my legs still as they quake uncontrollably through transition or letting me lean against their backs for support.  It’s such a terrible, horrifying, beautiful, supportive, empowering and respectful time.  I need all of them there.

I’m preparing to make this delivery even more amazing than the last.  I’m going to come prepared.  I’m even having my mom bring bubbly (even if we have to sneak it in) to celebrate after.  I have high hopes of it going smoothly and quickly.  I want to prepare more so I am calmer, allowing the contractions to wash over me instead of fighting them like the enemy.  I have a new outlook, a new plan and a new attitude towards birthing this child.  But it will never be without my team.  As many that can come.  I need them there and I wouldn’t ever choose to do it without them.






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