Garlic Morning Breath

Goodness, another early morning for me. Silas decided against playing in his crib again this morn so he screamed bloody murder until his very sleepy and very pregnant mother came in to rescue him. He did lay nicely in bed with me for a while, despite my terribly garlicy morning breath…I could taste it…yuck. Since we were up so early and the sun was shining I decided it was a good morning for the park so off we headed. It was so beautiful there for the most part and Silas got to pet a doggy. He’s gotten so gentle with them. He noticed how the doggy was panting and he was trying it himself. There were also these two older ladies who came up to him and started googling over him. He did a typical guy thing, he turned and ran as fast as he could. Either he was scared of old lady kisses or he was showing off. I think he said hi to nearly every one he came into contact with. I’m so happy that he’s friendly. He even went down the slide without me prompting him and said “weee” on the way down. We haven’t been on the slide for weeks because he’s never really interested. I thought that was funny.

I’ve found a way to describe the way Chim Chim feels in my tummy. It feels like there’s 4 trout swimming in my tummy, there’s not any room in there so they’re squirming and poking and pushing. My tummy is full of trout, rainbow trout, 3 pounders…yum. His movements last night were really creeping me out. I never felt Silas on the inside of my hips and this little booger face is always rubbing them. It’s the creepiest feeling ever, I’m glad I’m feeling it and not my husband because I’m sure it would drive him nuts.

Speaking of my husband. I think my hormone levels have changed because I’m feeling a lot more loving towards him lately. You know those lovely love feelings you get sometimes that you always had before your honeymoon phase ended? I love getting those. I’m feeling very gushy about him lately. Poor guys have to put up with so much when their ladies are pregnant, I’m glad he’s understanding.

Welp, that was all I had to say and it wasn’t much. Oh ya, BYE SANJAYA! woot woot. Chris is next on my hit list!

** I just changed my header.  I’ve been waiting forever to have a good preggo photo of me to stick up there.  I’d say that photo is rather informal and matriarch-like.  Sorry family members, you have to see me in my knickers.  Please let me know if you like it though, that goes for all of you.  


  1. I had good garlic breath this morning too. mmm garlic dip. and you are right about the tummy trout. that is a good way to describe that feeling. weird.

  2. Wow – we had garlic last night too 🙂 I swear my husband can sit with a spoon and eat garlic right out of the jar. We had Alio e’ Olio (with our favorite…. added shrimp). Gives us some mighty strong garlic breath – but I guess if we both have it, it’s all good 🙂 The picture is beautiful. Aaaahhh memories

  3. They’re very nice knickers, if nothing else (and quite modest, as far as that goes as well).

    I know what you mean about the “lovey” feelings. I’m not a cuddly person, but for the last month, I’ve been demanding daily cuddles from my husband. He says that “I’m much nicer when I’m pregnant”. Although, he’s not got the hang of the hormones yet – made me cry because he said that I was hurting his leg when I was sitting on it.

    Belly Trout, eh? That’s interesting! I think I only have one trout so far, and she only bumps into me on ocassion (7 or 8 times a day).

    Silas sounds so cute!

  4. phenomenal photograph on your header! Did you have it professionally take? Also, I LOVE the name Silas.

  5. Way beautiful picture. I wish I had them done when I was pregnant. The trout thing makes sense; I miss the trout thing 🙁

  6. a very beautiful picture leah, i too wished that i had one done so beautifully when i was pregnant. Your mom showed me this pic tonite (while we were over to watch the pathetic canuck effort, how sad….oh well, maybe the next game?) So, now Silas can say his ABC’s ? Truly a gifted babe.

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