Silas The Brave

This morning I woke up at 6:30 to a toddler who, again, did not want to play in his crib.  Woe is me.  We did have an amazing cuddle in my bed which slightly made up for the fact that I was losing out on some precious sleep.  Once we were up, I opened the blinds to reveal the most glorious, sunny morning.  Now, sunny mornings are a hot commodity in these parts.  We’ve had such a rainy winter that apparently we’ve missed out on a couple months worth of sunshine.  I was going a little psycho from the rain.  It was nice to see that there wasn’t a cloud in the sky.  I couldn’t fathom the thought of Silas and I going back to the usual park, especially alone because I felt like I needed some company so I called up my sister-in-law Leanne.  Apparently I woke her up at QUARTER TO NINE!  Her son decided to sleep in this morning, humbug!  Anyway, I went over to her house and we went to the new park that’s within walking distance from her house.  Silas held my hand the whole way there like a good little sprout.  Silas and Lucas both enjoyed swinging on the swings but Silas was very much into wandering around.  I was really feeling like chatting with Leanne so we decided to bring the kidlets into the beautiful, brand-new baseball field and that way I didn’t have to watch Silas so closely.  Lucas sat on a sweater and played with toys and ate Silas’ Cheerios while Silas began to explore.  And explore he did, the boy has no fear!  He would walk all the way across the field from me and then back to the playground and didn’t even care that I was far away.  I had to go retrieve him many times and I was baffled that he even went that far.  He didn’t seem to think twice about it.  By the end, I kept him near us with snacks that he kept coming back for.  Goodness, someone needs to strike some fear in that boy’s heart.  He’s in stitches if his toy cow moo’s and is crying like crazy but he can wander far away from Mommy in a strange place and not think twice.  Goodness.

Sitting there in the field was lovely.  I was wearing a dark shirt so the sun really felt warm on my back, there’s nothing like that feeling to relax you and bring comfort to a very tired body.  Both our boys now have that wonderful skin-in-sunshine smell to them.  Yum.

I fear my son has some jealousy issues because whenever I began to play with Lucas I had a whiny boy come to me rubbing his eyes and suddenly needing cuddles.  Give me a break boy!  Oh well, I was flattered that he loves me so much.  We did stick Lucas on him a few times much to Lucas’ delight, he had a bright smile as he grabbed at Silas’ back.  Payback time for Silas sitting on him so much.

I could clearly tell that Silas was NOT up for walking on the way back to Leanne’s so we laid the back of Lucas’ stroller down so Silas could sit behind Lucas.  Leanne said she had done it once before with them when she was watching Silas for us.  I was not sure about it because I thought Silas would pick on poor Lucas the whole way home.  Boy was I wrong, what a sight!  Silas sat there as Lucas laid back on him and Silas just tolerated it, sometimes licking Lucas’ hair and sometimes pushing Lucas up to sit only to pull him back to lean on him.  It gave me a vision of Silas as a big brother, it was a lovely sight.  Leanne and I love it when our boys connect on some level because we want them to be the best of friends.  I love it that he has a cousin so close.

Anyway, once arriving home, I ran to get my camera only to find I had forgotten my memory card.  Leanne had taken a few photos of the last time she had them in the stroller together so I’ll post those so you can get a picture of it.  These, my friends are two of the cutest boys you’ll ever see, I can’t wait to find out the bond they’ll have as they get older.




 Once back, Silas and Lucas were having such a good time playing with toys side by side that we just left them, despite it being nap time.  They were having too much fun!  They have a toy there that sings the ABC’s (we have it too, a Leapfrog Learning Table, but I have the singing part taped closed because it annoys me) and Silas was getting some of the letters in the song.  He’s so clever..haha.  I guess it’s time to let him explore that side of the table because he was really enjoying it.  I’ll just go buy ear plugs.  As for Silas’ fearlessness I guess I’ve done something right in raising him so far…or something terribly wrong.


  1. Twas so much fun, Leah. Our boys are darling, and now they smell so nice. Mine is still sleeping…which, by the way, you should be doing now as well!! You didn’t really comment on the fact that you ran many miles after Silas today. Hope you can get some rest today…

  2. LOL!!! just look at Silas’ facial expressions! just priceless!!! haha oh leah, that is beyond adorable….

  3. Silas has grown so much since the last pic I saw of him. I love it! In the house, my son seeks to follow me and protests if I put up the gate to keep him where he is… yet in the park he is all over the place and couldn’t care less where I was. The cautious little boys turns into a rambling, tumbling bundle of energy. It’s the age, I guess.

    We had the same weather as you, here in NJ. Long time of rain, and today, first day of total sunshine and more tomorrow.

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