Well Silas has officially graduated to pj’s instead of sleepers.  The 24 month sleepers are much to small, his toe poked through all the feet.  Dangit that stage went fast, and it was dreadfully cute.  I guess bright yellow Joe Boxer Pj’s are cute too.  Especially when he’s wearing them while eating some unidentified object off the floor.


Apparently this is making him think he’s a big boy and that he doesn’t need a nap.  He’s been in his room for over an hour and hasn’t slept yet.  Dangit child!  I could SO be napping right now because Ike is fast asleep.  I’m annoyed.  I might just close all the doors and nap even though Silas isn’t.  I don’t know if I could though.  At least he’s happy in there.

I feel as though I’m really starting to adjust.  I hardly have any anxiety today and I’m feeling fairly happy (aside from this no napping nonsense).  Still slightly anti-social but I have today to myself for the most part so I’m enjoying that.  My brother Andy will be dropping by to cuddle the baby on his way through so that should be kinda nice.  Perhaps he can watch the kids while I nap.  Ya right!  Good thing I’m not nearly as tired as I was when I was pregnant.  Gosh I love not being pregnant!

I love that I can hold Silas without my tummy in the way, you get such a better cuddle that way as more of your body’s are touching.  Same with cuddles from the husband.  Actually, I just love my husband a lot more when I’m not pregnant.  Hormones.  I also can taste food again, I’ve noticed with butter, weird but I can taste the butter now where as before I couldn’t taste anything.  It’s odd how my sense of smell got better but my taste buds stopped working.

Thanks for all the opinions yesterday, feel free to keep them coming.  I really have no idea what I want to do.  I just know that if I get pregnant again I’d want to jump off a building.  I’d be super upset.   Abstinence?

There, I just cuddled with Silas for a while, hopefully he’ll sleep now.  My cheek is still warm from resting it on his head.  Soooo nice.  The little things sure make the day worthwhile.


Isaac mid-sneeze


  1. Oh My GOODNESS big boy jammies are cute! I remember Con’s first big boy pants…cuz I kept him in sleepers for like 12 months 🙂 I NEED a chat with Silas!

  2. I could sleep! As long as I knew he was safe in his crib, I had no problem taking a nap… and you really need it now. My son is 2 yrs and still in sleepers, but not all of them fit him. He is slight build, so he fits, but he is getting tall and his feet also poke through some of them. Glad the weather is getting warmer.

  3. i really wanted to reply to your post yesterday, i read it, but then the baby got fussy and i forgot after that.. but good thing you mentioned it again!

    anyhow! i got pregnant while on “the pill” so i wouldn’t suggest that. not because i got pregnant, but because i know of 3 others who have while on the pill.. needless to say, i will be avoiding that as my form of BC. i spoke with my doctor because everything i’ve ever tried has caused me weird mood swings and weight gain. my doctor suggested implanon. it’s a small implant that they put in your arm that lasts for 3 years.. and that’s it. here is the website about it:

    i knew a lady at my church who got the IUD and then felt really weird about it, went to get it taken out, and it had gotten lost and lodged in her abdomen. she wrote about it on a myspace blog: IUD Blog Post so for that reason, i chose not to get it. well, whatever you decide good luck! but i wouldn’t suggest the pill and i feel a little weird about the IUD thing… it was the patch vs the implanon for me and i chose the 3 year one.

  4. Awwweee!! Ya, big kid jammies are cute, I miss sleepers though!:) Ireland is sooo huge she was like 12 months when she went into big girl p.j’s haha! Love love love the photos! SOOO cute!!

  5. Oh, nap sympathies. I remember being desperate to sleep when my baby slept after I had my second, but the first decided napping was for babies only. I foolishly and madly struggled with her and boy, do I regret it now. She would never play happily by herself and if she had, I would have napped in a second.

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