Grandpa, Stop Sleeping!

That is what Silas said today to get his Grandpa to wake up.  My parents always ask to sleep on Silas’ floor for the pure pleasure of waking up to his cheery face and wonderful snuggles every morning.

My parents spent the weekend with us, it was a lovely time.  It wasn’t rushed at all, we just enjoyed each other.  Mark helped my bro in law put flooring down all weekend.  I think he had a good time with that but I’m pretty sure the highlight was oogling over my children.  He never seems to get enough of them.  His love for them shows me how much he loves ME :).  He’s the most affectionate Grandpa I know.

Yesterday we did a big shopping spree, clothes for Silas for the fall.  We bought a lot of Joe clothes from Super Store and I just adore them.  There’s no other kids stores where I like the clothes right now.  Just Joe.

I did go to Winners and get him some adorable Levis and another shirt.  I think Winners is for people who actually CARE about name brands….seeing as though I don’t give half a rip, they still seems pretty expensive to me.  Although, I don’t mind wearing name brand as long as I don’t have a big, fat logo on it…I’m not a billboard you know.

Anyway, I also went to Wal Fart to get Silas some white undershirts.  White undershirts are my absolute favorite item of clothing for a man or a boy.  Silas is wearing one with his adorable Levis and these…oh my goodness…these Converse high top sneakers we found him yesterday.  He’s a vision, and for that I had to get some photographs.

I hope you enjoy.  I’m pretty sure he’s the most handsome in the world.














How did I get so good at making such delicious humans?


  1. Silas is soooo very handsome and those clothes look so super good on him…what about Ikey, is he wearing the hand-me-downs? Whenever we come again I shall come and sleep on Silas’ floor, okay?

  2. As you can see above, “jilly’s” name is listed on the “required” name above. Must be something to do with the fact the jilly and son were at our house for a few days. The problem is that I wrote a comment yesterday, identified who I was (not jilly), but my comment disappeared. I wanted to get us on the “sleeping in Silas’ room” list also. Sounds scrumptious. Gramps.

  3. May I please have photos, numbered from top to bottom, #’s 1, 5, 6, 7, 8, & 13 emailed in printable quality? They are priceless. Love the ‘6’ on the stepping stone – Silas’s own graffiti!!! Mum

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