My girlfriend had this photo up on her facebook today so I had to steal it.  It reminded me of me.  The Artist is Scott Brunage.  I love his stuff!!

Lately I’ve been going to Silas’ room in while Ikey is sleeping.  I let Silas play for a bit by himself but then spend the rest of his quiet time with him.  I’ve really begun to enjoy our time alone.  He has as well, all day long he asks “Mommy and Silas play but NOT Ikey?”.  What a cutie pie.

I’m pretty much trying to do what his therapists do with him.  They’re way better than me at it but I’m working on it.  We do a lot of stickers and games and cutting and gluing etc etc etc.  I’ve hung a line across his wall and bought clothespins so we can display all the things we make :).  I love it.  It’s a time that’s so precious to the both of us.

Then Ikey wakes up and Silas gets all bratty.  Fun’s over.

Ikey and I get a lot of alone time when Silas is in therapy.  We sometimes go out for coffee.  Seeing he’s not allergic to peanuts (I don’t think), we can go wherever we want.  It’s fun to be freee.  I sit there and giggle as he sucks back a hot chocolate, it’s very serious business to him.  Soon we’ll have more time as Silas will be in preschool twice a week, therapy 4 times a week, private swim lessons once a week and I think I’ll try to get him in a music class in Jan.  Busy busy bee.

I can’t wait to go preschool clothes shopping.  weeeeee.

I had something to say but then I forgot.

I best get off my bum and clean my house for my parents who are going to be here in a few hours.  Or I could leave it knowing my mom will clean it for me.  Naw….I’ll clean it.  Perhaps I’ll leave a dish or two in the sink to help her feel useful 🙂

I love you all.  Please comment or something.  I’m feeling very unloved having been gone for four weeks and coming back to an almost silent blog.


  1. Thats so nice that you are getting to spend individual time with each of your boys. I am finding it difficult to give each of my children individual time and attention. Way to go!

  2. I think that is great for you to have figured out that keeping off the computer will help you. That’s huge- not sure I could do it although it would probably help me too! I will miss your posts. But I really do look forward to hearing from “Jennie C” too!
    I also have a wire strung across Everet’s room with clothespins for all his crafts. 🙂

  3. I enjoyed reading everything you wrote today…it is very good that you get that time with each of your sons. I had to laugh at how Silas expresses possesiveness. Have fun with your parents…and say Hi from me.

  4. Wills started talking about Silas’s “optimism” the other day. So cute. Maybe we should all start calling it “optimism”.

    I wanna have a date with Ikey. And then some quiet time with Silas. I would like to cut out dodecagons with him.

  5. I’m so insanely busy that I hardly manage to read all the blogs in my blogreader, so I usually don’t find any time to comment at the moment. I’m going to leave one anyway 🙂 It’s good to have you back, even though I can understand the desire to take some time off the computer and online life. It takes some discpline to actually do it, if the computer is still sitting there waiting to be switched on 🙂

    My mom is just the same and she would willingly clean my apartment if I would ever let her. She would be shake her head and tell me that I’m lazy, but she could not stand to see it in a messy state, so she’d clean it. That’s why I usually visit her and not the other way round 🙂

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