A New Plan Stan

I know this blog is a good way to keep in touch with people.  Especially family.  Family has been relying on it to get updates about my children for a long time.  I’ve been relying on it for the same purpose, plus as a journal.  It’s a great memory keeper.

When I went off the computer for four weeks, I was a new woman, a better mother, a better wife, a happier Leah.

Blogging takes up too much time.  I can spend hours and hours trying to promote it a blah blah blah.

I’m still easily sucked in to the computer thing.  I need to set up limitations for myself.  Instead of allowing daily time on the computer I’ve opted to have one day a week of free computer play time…unlimited.  Which means I cannot blog every day.

BUT do not distress!!  I’ve called in the troups!!

Jennie had confirmed and Jill has YET to confirm…but she will.  We’ve been planning on a sisters blog so why not just make this on The Informal Matriarchs?  Sounds like a plan to me too…I know you like it as well.  I hope you do.  They’re just as nutty as I am and the blog will become better written, more hollistic and more purposeful.

We’ve yet to plan it all out but I will blog daily until we do.  So you wont be missing anything really…you’ll get get one post a week from me and perhaps a photo and a short paragraph from me on another day as well :).

This needs to be done for me to be my best self.  Once my kids are in school I might be able to take on the world of blogging again but until then, I need to play 🙂

Love you all…blog ya tomorrow.


  1. I’d like to say that I like this idea. It has been great getting to know you Leah (and your family) via the blogging…since we don’t live close enough to hang out :(, but it will be great to get to know your sisters as well! I for one am highly stoked for this plan.

  2. i also like the idea! now that i have got in the habbit of reading you cant just stop lol. i also really enjoyed your sisters’ posts as well, jus different insights thats all. keep up the good work and the new found self enjoyment. your a big encouragement to me Leah

  3. It’s amazing how wonderful the above comments are making me feel. For my own sake, but for Leah’s as well. Thanks all for your encouraging words to Leah.

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