While I Was Away…

Oh goodness the events that have happened.  Enough to fill many many many many blog posts.  So how about I just fit them all in to one and we can be done with it?

So, what happened first?  Well, the biggest event was probably stabbing Silas in the leg with an epipen in the back of the car on the way to the ER.  That was fun.  The situation was really hard and frustrating.  Scary that such little exposure sends my son to the ER.  I felt like it’s impossible to keep him safe.  *le sigh*.  I’m not going to say exactly what happened because I’m not sure the people involved want me to.  It was a big lessons for all of us.  But epipens are really easy to administer so don’t be scared of them!  I was proud of myself for calmly giving it to him and slowly counting to 20 (just to be sure) as I held it firmly in his leg.  Yucky situation though.

The same week Isaac fell on to the side of the pool and broke his front tooth and chipped the other front tooth, I really need to get a photo of that for you because he looks even more like a stinker.  He’s lucky though.  As far as broken teeth go, he’s got the best scenario.  We go in a few weeks for them to check it and take xrays.  Poor fella is going to hate that!!

We spent many many many many days in the water and Silas has gotten SO used to it that he loves to be passed back and forth between two people UNDER the water.  He LOVES being under the water.  I’ve asked my lifeguard friend if she’s interested in giving him private lessons. He really loves her too so I think it would work nicely.  My kids love the water as they should, the love of swimming runs THICK in my genes.  My siblings and I are great swimmers.

I went cleaning crazy last week and completely organized all the toys and put them in to Silas closet.  All the pieces are together and ready for therapy time.  His therapists were blown away about all the tools we already have, they already feel like we’re set but we haven’t spent a penny!!  What do we spend the 4k on???  Thank you to everyone who buys us good quality toys with a purpose!!  I knew there was a reason I was picky about the toys my kids had 🙂  The therapists feel spoiled with what we have!

I got to go out with two friends from Bible College.  They were my two closest girlfriends in College and I still love them dearly.  We went to a very very fancy Indian Restaurant and OH MY GOSH was it fabulous.  OOOOOO yum.  yum yum yum.

My nephew Owen was born and he’s delicious and i love him to bits!!

My Inlaws came

My kids drove me crazy and made me laugh and made me mad and made me feel so so so so so much in love.

Ikey got an ear infection

Silas got a cold…I got a cold…Brent got a cold…Ikey got a cold.

I bought a hamster on a whim and I love her even though she’s bit me a few too many times.

I found out Nutella is safe for Silas so I ate lots of it.

The end 🙂


  1. Great job condencing 4 weeks 🙂
    Glad to hear that your time away from the computer was renewing.
    Having to administer an epipen is no fun (I know), but glad to read that you were able to administer it calmly. Hope Silas is ok.
    Poor Ikey 🙁 at least its a baby tooth.
    and Yay for Nutella !!! My favorite.
    See you Saturday.

  2. You remembered lots – after that long I’da been able to tell ya (maybe!) what I did yesterday. haha So I’m curious what kind of toys you have – you should pass along some ideas if you get a chance. Or we could just come play! haha That’d be marvelous! But….. just send some ideas 🙂 Hamster! YUCK. Nutella! Yuck.

    1. The toys are a lot of Melissa and Doug, all their toys have a purpose. Then there’s some Discovery toys. Basically they’re toys that aren’t just gimicks. I don’t allow my kids anything that has anything to do with the media because I don’t want to glorify it. Plus personally I think it looks cheesy.

      I wish you could come and play too 🙁 we’d be great friends.

      I’ll make sure to NOT let Lola read this…she’s a sensitive hamster.

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