Gymnastics and Heating Pads.

Thanks for the wonderful morning Grandma and Grandpa.  I’ve decided to use some of the money they’ve donated to Silas for some drop in gymnastics time.  It’s fairly inexpensive and SOOOO good for the kids motor skills and for Silas to build up those core muscles.

Kids with autism have been known to have poor motor skills and low muscle mass.  This place is great for that.  You try getting out of a giant pit of squishy squashy squares of foam, it’s harrrd!!  Yes of course I jumped in them over and over…who goes to a place like that without playing?  Jennie came too.  I dunno how I’ll handle that situation without her next time but I assume we’ll all survive.

This place isn’t as nice as others I’ve seen in pictures but I think it’s the best the city has to offer.  I was just glad to see big pits full of foam blocks 🙂  Silas spent a lot of his time in those actually.  I was surprised seeing that It’s weird being in there but he loved it.  He didn’t love jumping into them though.

There were balance beams and things to hang off of.  Things to climb and jump off of.  The kids had a blast.  I got us 10 visits worth which was only 60 bucks which rocks.  That’s 10 visits, but we’ll do 1 a week.  Not bad not bad.

Good exercise, good motor skill development and a good place for Silas to learn some social skills.  Woot.

This is definitely a sweat pants, a cup of tea, a warm blanket, a heat pad and a BUNCH of ibuprofin kinda afternoon.  Perhaps some chocolate.

You know what I’m talkin about.  UGH.  I wish men had to go through this instead of us.  Why can’t they carry the placenta too and then somehow just give it to us when we need to put a baby in it?

Or perhaps whenever it comes, we could be sent away to a resort full of women.  Hot baths, chocolate and romantic comedies along with lots and lots and lots of wine.  That’s how it should be.  Sacred women time.   This world is so backwards.

Jennie took these picts on her blackberry and they aren’t so good, I’ll snap some next week.

OOOO tomorrow Robyn comes to play with Silas and the assessments are done!!







  1. Can we go there the next time we come to visit? Looks and souds like a fun place especially judging by the look on Isaac”s face.

  2. You definitely need a Red Tent. It’s like the resort you r referring to. It’s a great book.

  3. We’re patiently waiting for the time little man here can go to gymnastics. My oldest did it for a while but he started too late and there was only 1 other boy in the class who was hardly ever there and he decided he didn’t like it anymore. I think it had more to do with being the only boy and kids saying “YOU’RE in gymnastics! Isn’t that for girls?!” GAH!! NO!! It’s for all and it’s a GREAT place for little kids to play and release some energy, gain strength and just have FUN FUN FUN!!

  4. I was totally coming on here to tell you the read the Red Tent. It’s exactly what you’re looking for in a resort for that time of the month. If you ever find one, let me know and I’ll totally be there!

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