He Crawls!

I guess we can put that one last nail in the coffin of my sanity. It seems as though life as I know it is about to drastically change.

Last night I put my mug of Rickards Red down on the floor and, much to my dismay, watched as Ikey stiffly crawled across the floor towards the mug. Typical male, gets a frosty mug of beer to get them moving.

This morning it took much less than a delicious beverage to get the boy moving. Just a ball or the corner of the rug catches his eye and he’s on his way over. I watch half proud, half in anguish as darling baby makes his way around our rug. Soon he’ll get used to his arms and legs and venture off the rug to explore all of the places in the house that I don’t want him to be in. I have to once again baby proof just when I got used to being able to trust Silas amidst many dangers.

Soon Ikey will be pulling himself to check out higher levels of my house. The baby gate will go up again and I’ll trip on it again. No longer will I be able to quickly leave the room to grab a moment in the washroom. Isaac will have to come with me.

A new mother would be brimming with excitement right now but a well-seasoned one knows that once a child finds they can be mobile, all hell breaks loose. Another milestone, more responsibility, a step closer to finding his legs and those dreaded terrible-twos.

It’s good God made babies so dreadfully cute or I’d completely lose it.



  1. Dang you make cute babies! You owe it to the world to reproduce as much as possible. Either that or sell your eggs on ebay.

  2. I had to come back and visit to see if you had made it out of the loonie bin 🙂 🙂

    the part about the beer made me laugh – with my son it was the remote – it was a big shiny one – he couldn’t resist. We’d put it on the floor a little ways away from him, and his butt would start shaking, he’d start giggling and drooling, and we would shoot himself across the floor. I can still see it as clear as yesterday 🙂

  3. Kitten is just learning how to roll over. She can definitely do the front to back when she wants, and is thisclose to rolling from her back to her front.

    I’m not really looking forward to all her moving about! I suppose it’s time to look into buying a baby gate! I want one of those ones that rolls up!

    Also: Kitten found the remote today, and it was the only thing that kept her from crying while I took a pee break! Too funny!

  4. Oooooh how old is he now?! We are working on crawling – got the legs down just can’t quite make those arms work right. Today we were working on sitting up from the crawling position – ALMOST got it. He was so excited – it was funny. He gets to the crawling position and just rocks and rocks and then lunges forward to his toys. Remotes – we have play remotes for him, we just have to teach him those are his, these are ours 🙂 My oldest is still addicted to remotes! Garage door remotes! That’s how we potty trained him! If you potty in the big boy potty you can use the garage door remote and open the garage door. Such a goober! 🙂

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