Angry Two Year Old Sends Mother Into the Loonie Bin

Ugh, I have a bit of the post holiday blues.  Back to normal life, no more excitement.  The hardest is knowing Brent wont have time off like that again for a whole year.  Grrr.

Having chronic depression really doesn’t help the matter.  Mine is very controlled but it’s like I’m always on the cusp of getting blue so it’s easy to get there if I let my guard down.  I think with all the junk food, the pounds gained back, lack of wholesome food and exercise is all getting to me.  Plus Silas is acting like a little jerk lately.

Silas and I are just feeding off eachother’s issues lately.  We’re both in a fragile state so we just make each other worse.  My lack of patience makes his anger worse and his worsening anger makes me have less and less patience.  I hate the anger I see in him.  It reminds me of myself when I was young.  He’s got everything going for him that I never had though.  I feel like he should be more happy than this.  I guess every two year old is miserable?  The anger just freaks me out because I know exactly what he feels.  I used to feel it when I was much older but there were so many issues going on that hopefully he’ll never have to deal with.  HE SHOULDN’T BE SO ANGRY!!

Having never been around kids younger than me, I really don’t know what to expect from a two year old.  Perhaps they’re all this angry?  Is yours this angry?  I keep thinking how I still have the impending doom of Ikey becoming two.  I can say that, right now, I’m sooooooo not wanting another child.  Be it a girl or the Christ child….no more children!!

Brent get your butt over here and bring a scalpel!


  1. I read once that 2 year old boys exhibit more anger and violent tendencies, on a regular basis, than any one else on earth.

  2. My little girl used to have such bad temper fits that I would sit outside on my front steps (while she was freakin’ out inside) – so the neighbours would know that I wasn’t killing her.

    so you are not alone 🙂

  3. Whew! You sound like me on a good day! Only my son is 3 and he still seems kind of excessively gruff at times. I was never around little kids prior to motherhood either, so I too am learning as I go.

  4. We never dealt with anger issues with Anika. She is kind of a daydreamer and totally happy-go-lucky. But our little Hadyn is another story completely. She’s been having a fit since she was 3 months old and she is going on 17 months, we still can’t figure her out!

  5. I’m sorry Silas is angry so often…wonder what’s bugging him. I laughed about The Royston’s comment. Hopefully the waters will smooth out somewhat again soon.

  6. My theory is that his communication skills aren’t in sync with his desires so he’s just plain frustrated that he isn’t understood and can’t explain himself.

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