The Triple Nipple Club

So, my national television debut has happened. It was completely anti-climactic because it happened in a different country and I haven’t yet been able to see it. They do show my tidbit in an ad for the film so you can go watch it here.

There, I’m officially famous…or something like that. I’m also mortified at the same time. Look at that lactating nipple…wouldn’t you be? It looks pretty sick. The more I watch it though, the more hilarious it is to me. The more baffled I am that I’d actually do a thing like that. I’m in no means a lady…at all. Oh well. You can’t pass up an opportunity to be on TV can you? Plus, it’s just my cool thing that I have that no one else has. Perhaps one day I’ll be a movie star because of it….

Anyway, be sure to watch it and enjoy it. Tell me your reactions.


  1. Well you have no reason to be mortified. Like you said it’s something you have that no one else does. It makes you special. Plus it is pretty funny! Enjoy your fame.

  2. I cracked up that line, “They do show my tidbit”. Perhaps I am the ONLY human who would find that funny. I think it’s really interesting and that you’re brave, not crazy!

  3. Awwww! You’re so cute. Although I hate how he’s all “oh, that’s not a nipple” to half of your extra nipples. Who made him the expert? 😛

    Again, you’re super cute!

  4. I don’t mind at all. That was his very first reaction. He felt bad about his reaction and tried to do it again but then couldn’t act well enough or something. I think it’s funny. By the end you’re pretty convinced I know what an extra nipple is.

  5. It’s often been a dream of mine to have a few of those extra nipples to show off at parties and demonstrate the fact that I’m really a bit of an animal (grrr!) when all the rest of the signs point to the fact that I’m not. Plus, how cool would it be to point out that you possess an “atavism,” an honest-to-God proof of the mechanics of evolution.

    Instead, here I am with only two nipples, not a shadow of one in sight. And an extra lactating one!? As Paulie Walnuts might say, “Get the fugoutta here!”

    God bless you and overabundance of lactation capacity.

  6. Funny for a Christian to possess and “atavism” although I’m a creationist, I do agree with some points of evolution.

    It is a fun thing to show off at parties for sure.

  7. ooooooooooooooooooh my gosh! I watched the clip and you cracked me up BIG TIME! You have balls, my friend! Big, big balls. Very impressed.

  8. Coming from you that’s like…..a whole freaking….special….Oscar….but I wasn’t acting…but it’s from you…..the biggest balls-y girl evs. Gosh I love you Petara….I wish I had you closer to my person.

  9. your not alone. my 3rd nipple( same spot as yours ) produced loads of milk while i was breast feeding 17 years ago, i used to squirt any one in the room when my milk come in, it was funny at the time…

  10. I have a third nipple under my right breast and it also lactated after my second and third pregnancies. It’s odd and a bit mortifying at the same time having a third nipple. Over time, you forget and as you age, you’re less of an exhibitionist anyway, but I’m thinking of starting a triple nipple society 🙂

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