He’s Just so Smart

I’m in the midst of uploading a video of Silas onto You Tube right now.  I took it with my cell phone because my regular camera has pooped out (anyone wanna buy me a new one??).  So the quality is kinda bad.

It just shows you how into the ABC’s he is right now.  I find it strange that he can do it over and over and over.  It’s ALMOST like he’s stuck in it or something but he finds such great enjoyment out of it.

He’s taught himself every letter by watching various ABC videos on You Tube.  Some of them are the old school ones from Sesame Street and some others.  Didn’t take long before he knew them all.

One thing I find interesting is that when the letters are in order he even knows them well enough to know where to look along the line of blocks.  Like he’s got the visual in his head.  I don’t know, it’s just interesting.  He’s so stinking cute as you’re about to see….once the video uploads of course…it’s taking forever.

Anyway, I think he’s pretty smart 🙂  If the vid isn’t working check back…it’s just processing right now.


  1. What a brilliant kid! It’s funny but our 2 1/2 year old picked up her ABC’s and numbers so fast, but our 4 year old still has almost no interest in them. They’re so different.

  2. Austin was 6 before he could tell me which letter was F. Go figure. I showed him the letter F for 118 days in a row (seriously, I kept track) … and then gave up and waited a year. Then when he was six…. it was finally interesting.

    Silas is so smart…. and cute….

  3. If Emily could pay attention to something that long I think Id faint. wow he’s good. I bet he could do them backwards. oo it makes me want to pull out
    Emily’s blocks again. I put them away because they became projectiles instead of learning devises. haha

  4. That’s awesome leah! I’m curious what is he saying every time you ask him to point to a letter? It’s like he always has something to say with every question!! 🙂

    xoxo see you tomorrow!

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