He’s Not Naughty…He’s Two.

K who told Silas that if he defied me then nothing outrageous would happen?? The sky wont fall, no one will die, no one will get hurt. Nothing more than him spending some calm down time in his room with groovey tunes on and toys to play with (which works like magic to calm the booger down.

He’s being rather persistent lately in doing things over again after I tell him not to. Ya ya ya this is him “exploring his independence…blah blah blah”. MY CHILD WASN’T SUPPOSED TO GO THROUGH THAT PHASE. It felt a lot better watching everyone else’s child go through that phase, mine just did that he was told (for the most part). Now he just comes right back at me with a swift kick or a flying slap. I try to remove him from the situation and HE GIGGLES and runs back into it. Yes this is fun, what a great new game…lets tell everyone!!

I keep hearing Jill’s voice in my ears when this is happening “he’s not naughty, he’s two” and that has become my new mantra. I also hear her chime in, usually after the fact and in her incredibly calm motherly voice, “don’t take it personal Leah”…oh ya. Don’t the voices in my head know anything about bad timing??? C’mon Jill! Maybe it’s cuz she’s in Mexico right now.

I truly believe, though, that when you keep telling yourself “he’s not naughty he’s two”, you squeeze out a little more patience from your nooks and crannies. There seems to be some left that hides here and there. I think it works for teenagers too “she’s not naughty she’s 14…14 year olds are ‘dumber’ than 10 year olds in the naughty area”…that might just work.

At any rate, it seems like we’ve circled around back into the hitting phase, I think the circle is getting smaller…maybe it’s just me. Perhaps the universe wants to test me on weather or not I’m paying proper attention to my Barbara Colloroso book “Kids Are Worth It”…yes it’s mine…I’m not giving it back to Jules. Mom…can you buy Jules another copy?

Gosh I love it when Silas asks to watch the Bed of Roses video on you tube. BON JOVI!! Woooooot.


ahem…excuse me while I go mop up my drool.



  1. I particularly enjoyed it when he got that gleam in his eye, put his head down, charged across the room at me, took a flying leap, and attempted to karate kick and right hook me on the way down — all with the malicious intentions of vanquishing me into oblivion just for having the audacity to look at him while he was mad. Thankfully I’m still big enough to deflect most of the damage. I thought it was hilarious. It’s SO much easier to NOT take it personally when it’s your nephew. I’ll trade you a two year old for a fourteen year old.

  2. Hug ’em really tight with all their limbs pinned and they can’t do much. You’re still bigger… for a while. I just sat on Aus last week after a bout of noncompliance… and he’s 11.

  3. Leah, fiiiiiinally you commented on my one post. i sent ya a msg on msn about it moons ago. but im glad you finally did your thing. first day of class huh?? oh how i wish those memories were bright and crystal clear to me now.

    loved your “you’re funny when mad” comment. i actually laughed out loud. ah well, we all have our days hey?

    just read your posts, and am now up to date. congrats on the finale of your cleanse! good to see you are looking and feeling great!

  4. Ha ha, I don’t know if I got the message DB.

    Rixgal – apparently that does more than just confine them. Sometimes when they’re freaking out they feel their whole world is falling apart. That holding gives them a sense of safety even if they freak out when you’re holding them. Interesting huh? I do it often ha ha.

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