I May or May Not Be Crazy

So, Saturday I was watching some movie on TV and a commercial for this thing


came on.  My heart went pitter pat, I broke out in a cold sweat, I could hardly breathe.  “You mean that I, too, can make round pancakes for only one easy payment of $39.99?” I said to myself.


Then I thought I shouldn’t.  Nice girls don’t order things off the TV.  Only the crazy old ladies with 30 cats order cheap junk off of TV.  But the pancakes were oh so ROUND!

And then they began to use other batter like muffin batter and brownie batter….round brownies?  Oh…my…WORD!

AND if you upgrade to the “chef’s package” you get this thing that injects any delicious filling your heart desires.  PLUS the cookbook and the oven mitt and the turning sticks and the ICING SUGAR SHAKER.

No, I couldn’t.  I just couldn’t do it.  I musn’t.

Later that night I may or may not have had some beverage that may or may not have impaired my judgment.  I may or may not have seen the commercial again and I may or may not have scrambled all over the house looking for the phone.  I may or may not have dialed the number and talked to a man who takes his job very seriously.

I may or may not have upgraded to the chef’s package and speedy delivery.

I may or may not have just wasted fifty bones.  I guess in 2-4 business days we may or may not find out.

In other news, the new Zaza bags are up!!  Here’s mine, I’m pretty proud of it this week 🙂

The model is pretty cute too…even though she’s a teenager 🙂


  1. Hey, you are making me those ones with the chocolate filling!!!!!OOOOOOO!!!
    And don’t worry, I’m not a “nice” girl either! lol,
    Pro-active got me!!!AAAA!! lol

  2. they should pay you for this advertising.
    or give the second one for free for bringing more customers.

  3. Jules just made me laugh so much I may or maynot have peed my pants..and Ang we may or may not need to think sharing one of those things. I so look forward to round pancakes the next time we come to your house.

  4. That thing looks amazing! I’ve never seen anything like it.

    Oh, and don’t worry. I have friends that are closet “Home Shopping Network” groupies – but you’d never know it just looking at ’em.

    loved this post 😉

  5. OMG!! Ha ha ha! My hubby saw this same commercial and now he constantly tells me how “he needs more puff pancakes in his life!” 😛 You’ll have to tell me how it works, maybe I’ll have to break down and order one too!

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