Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh Isaac

Isaac….ohhhhhhhh Isaac. He makes my life very complicated. I didn’t think having a second child was that hard at first. Once mobility struck us, the hard meter went waaaaaaay up.

I was thinking the other day about how much I could get done in a day when it was just Silas and I. Darling Silas who entertained himself, didn’t get into anything, just read books and listened to music, spun stuff. I could clean my whole place from top to bottom in a day. I also used to cook amazing suppers on Friday nights. I’d often cook amazing suppers actually.

My little noodle Ikey gets into EVERYTHING!!! Nothing is safe around here. I can’t get anything done with him around. If I’m in the kitchen he’s trying to get into the one cupboard that opens. I was trying to empty the dishwasher this morning and he was attempting to climb inside of it. Yesterday I tried the simple task of putting a stack of CD’s back into my CD book and there were little hands reach and grabbing and trying to flip pages.

When Isaac does it then Silas will join in, especially if I say no. Little compliant Silas is learning how easy it is to ignore mommy via his baby brother’s bad influence. Isn’t it supposed to be the other way around??

The only times I can really get anything done is when Isaac is confined. When he’s swallowing an entire banana at once during breakfast I MUST get the dishwasher emptied and then get any dirty dishes into it. If I miss my window, the whole day is lost. The cleanliness of my house depends on that dishwasher being empty. Isaac downs an entire banana in about 30 seconds so I don’t have much time before he’s whining for more food.

Just a tidbit, after the banana he munches on miniwheats and cheerios until I serve him an entire bowl a oatmeal which he completely polishes off, and then he munches more cereal says “up” and then gets on the floor to grab some of his dropped items.

Isaac’s curiosity is getting him learning new things though. You wouldn’t be surprised to know he’s learned how to sign “more” and that he uses it often at meal times. He also says “up” and “row row row”. I’ve also gotten him to play with toys in his crib when he wakes in the morning…just like Silas used to!! wooot! I’ve been catching him trying to sing along to songs sometimes. He really just mostly babbles along in his own language and laughs at himself at the end of each phrase. He thinks he very funny. Gosh, he eats a lot and thinks he’s hilarious…sounds like his mother!

his favorite outdoor activity, nude with a hose:

are my thighs too fat??

And one of the other cutie pie, taking a flying leap!

I may or may not have just gotten an email saying my pancake puffer has been shipped!! I can already smell my perfectly puffed pancakes.

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  1. Oh my – do we ever have adorable grandchildren. I am sure Roselle agrees. Grump and I just lisened to “Bed of Roses”. Beautiful, and a very lovely melody. Does your hubby sing that song with his band. If so, would love to hear it sometime.
    Another very warm day. We are grateful to have refrigerated air. Love, Gram.

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