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GRRRR I’m so annoyed!!! I took some photos this morning and I was going to share them with you but somehow they didn’t end up on my CF card!!!! What the heck??

There was a beautiful moment this morning. I had spilled cheerios all over my kitchen floor and decided to clean it up after breakfast. I kinda had forgotten about it until I heard Silas saying “yum yum yum” and i look into the kitchen and Silas has the broom, Isaac has the mop and they’re both sitting and munching away on the Cheerios. It looked like they were ready to clean it up but then just sat down to eat it all. IT WAS SUCH A CUTE PHOTO!! What happened to it??

Yesterday when I was having my daily chew on Isaac, I noticed two white things in the back of his mouth. Upon further investigation, I realized they were molars!! Say what!?? I took a photo of those too because I wanted to know which molars they were. They are either the two year ones or the ones right before that, just on top. I can take another photo of those once he’s up though.

My theory is that the boy has been chewing solids almost since he started on real food. I never had to buy him baby food. I guess his body is just making all this eating easier for him.

Yesterday I went on a cleaning frenzy. I don’t ever realize how filthy my house is until I really get in there and clean. Lemme tell ya, there was foulness happening. The size of those dust bunnies were astonishing. After I was all done I blew my nose and it was all full of dust…cuz I looked. Don’t tell me you don’t look too.

I can say though, it wasn’t the worst I’ve seen, those shows where they come in and clean people’s houses, mine’s never gotten near that. But always messy enough to make my sister Jules go “huoooooooooo” and shudder. And just messy enough for Jennie to be perfectly comfortable in…and just tidy enough so Jill doesn’t call social services on me….kidding Jill.

Anyway, it felt so good to wake up to a clean upstairs today. There’s still some minor things to be done before it’s spotless. I should probably clean things like windows and such.

I swear you can tell how down I’ve been by the size of my dust bunnies. I’m not the kind of person who can have everything together all at once. If I am putting my energy into one thing, like lately it’s been getting happy again, then other things suffer. Now that I feel like I’m becoming truly happy again, I’m ready to put energy into other areas of my life. My counselor always reminds me that people who go go go go and accomplish tons and have a shiny house aren’t always super happy on the inside, I guess I’m figuring out what counts.

I’m hoping to one day become a neat freak. It hasn’t been the easiest thing for me. I think I have a weird issue with cleaning…I don’t know where it comes from. I actually enjoy it, I just don’t do it enough.

Now Ikey doesn’t help. The stars just aligned yesterday and he was perfectly happy playing alone in his room as long as the vacuum cleaner was in there with him. Thanks Ikey!!!

Yesterday Ikey started pointing at things and saying “dat” when he wants something. Tooooooooo cute. He did it last night with Brent, he was crying and pointing at Brent’s beer saying “dat dat dat” so Brent gave him some water and he was happy as a clam. Cute little Ikey…ooooooooo he’s so nice.

Sorry this is all over the place..

I think I might have a bit of a solution to Silas’ freaking out and hitting! I simply spin him around and sit. I then wrap my legs around his waist and hold onto his hands with one hand and then with the other I hold his head. If he’s flailing too much I try and restrain all limbs another way. This is all done gently. Then I calmly ask him “are you done hitting?” and at first he usually screams “NOOO!!!” and then I’ll wait a bit and ask again and he’ll say “Okay!” and then he goes on his merry way. It’s working for us right now.

I’ve read that when “spirited” kids such as himself get like that, they feel like their whole world is crashing down on them. When you hold them tightly it helps bring everything back together for them. So it’s kinda therapeutic. Jill said it’s best if you don’t actually physically confine them as much as I do but agreed it’s best because he uses all of his body to inflict pain upon me…so total confinement it is. It usually doesn’t last longer that 30 seconds and he’s fine again. He doesn’t go back to hitting as quickly as he did when we used time outs.

It’s hard to realize that a child like that doesn’t need punishment, his world is falling apart, he needs support to get through his emotions. He’s only two. I’m here to support him, I don’t think kids should be punished for emotions. The no time out thing has been working fine for us. He’s been sent to his room to chill out but with no restrictions other then just being in his room and chilling.

K I’ll shut up now. Love you all!!


  1. I look ๐Ÿ™‚ Just wanna see what’s in there. Anybody who says they don’t look… they’re lying. haha

    My son came walking out of the kitchen with a beer last night. Grabbed himself one out of the fridge – it was so cute. Wish I would have had the camera out and ready to go. Totally missed him trying to get a drink and looking at it very strangely wondering why nothing was coming out.

    “My counselor always reminds me that people who go go go go and accomplish tons and have a shiny house arenโ€™t always super happy on the inside, I guess Iโ€™m figuring out what counts.”
    She’s right. That’s me. Listen to that woman.

    Hope this works for little guy for a while. I wish you could read his mind…. I wonder what he’s thinking when he’s freaking out. I always wonder what’s going on in my oldest sons head. He has really weird moods too and times when he just freaks out and starts screaming about everything. So frustrating. Very hard to calm down. Had a time with it today. Came storming home mad from Gramma’s and just lost it. Ugggggg.

  2. We send our kids to their rooms to “chill” too – it’s pretty much a positive parenting approach. They can’t come out until they have calmed down. Sometimes I’ll hear my daughter in there after she’s calmed, just singing and cleaning her room!

    oh yeah, and I look too.

  3. Oh, and I used to have a shiny-clean house, but thinking back on it, that’s when I have been the most depressed. I think it was my way of compensating for everything else that sucked at that time. As long as I had a clean house – i felt like at least I could do SOMETHING right.

  4. yes, shiny housed people aren’t always happy…unless maybe their gaggle of housekeepers are keeping it so! i used to vaccuum myself into my room at night so there would be none of those un-sightly footprints in the morning (Oh the horrors)! Yes, yesterday i vaccumed for the first time since…FOUR WEEKS AGO! Shameful i know, next time i’ll try to make it to 5 weeks ๐Ÿ™‚

    ps you are a great mommy.

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