I’m So Bad at Titles.

Didja think I was dead??  I’m still here, later than normal but alive.

This morning I rushed to Jennies to cut out a bag which took far too long.  My next bag is going to be magnificent folks.  A real doozie.  Watch out Louis Vitton!  And then we drove all the way home to just turn right back around and go to Ashleigh’s for a visit.  Her and I used to work together as hairdressers and she’s my savior.  K her and Leanne are tied for being my savior but for totally different reasons.

Anyway, Her daughter dragged Silas around their house for good 3 hours while we chatted.  My children pooped three times while we were there.  Ash cut my hair too.  We hardly noticed her baby who practically sat quiet the whole time and played with a toy…we like her.  Her daughter Ireland got out marshmallows and fed who knows how many to my children, good thing they just happened to be peanut free! yikes.  But as if Ikey needs a Marshmallow, he practically IS one.

So I’m off tomorrow.  I’ll write a blog and leave late afternoon for my very first weekend away from my children.  The only other night I’ve been away from Silas was when I was in the hospital after having Ikey.  So I’m having a little anxiety but this was my idea so I’m gunna do it.  I NEEEED to do it.

Jill, Juliet and I are heading out to see Andy whom we’ll party with and be free!!  No kids!! wooooot!!!

K so today I was being a bad girl and sitting in the drive through at A&W when this group of nice-looking fellows passed by.  I thought nothing of it because whatever, I’m in my car with my kids.  Then I heard a whistle and I was like “WHAT THE?” and then they were inside but could see me through the drive through window and were smiling and such.  This kind of thing NEVER happens to me so I was trying to not blush and I kinda had to turn my head away to giggle.  It was awful.  They took forever to get me my food and I was feeling all on display for these young lads.  Ego: boosted.

Brent warned me, if I buy those massive shiny sunglasses, I’m going to get hit on.  Brent gets a point.  Do they do it for you?


  1. You go girl!!! look at you getting hit on by the youngins. You MILF you!! errr. milf. Most Intelligent Lovely Female! yeah!! 😉

    You hair is soooo long Leah! love it. and those shades? yes, they definitely do it for me hun.

    Party like the rockstar you are, while on your vaca!

    smoochies and smooches!!

  2. WOOT… You’ve still got it!:) Man….two kids in the back and your still getting hounded…I neeeeedddd new sunglasseeesssss…! LOL ( they look hot by the way;))
    HAHA, glad you came to visit, sorry about the marshmallow storm:O! Hope you had a great break from the kids, and that Brent and the boys had fun having a “Daddy” weekend.
    And p.s., you are one of my saviors too!for sure:) Love ya!

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