Feelings…Nothing More Than FEEEEELINGS

You know my top two most favorite feelings?? #2 is falling in love, it’s gotta be one of the very best feelings in the world. #1 is definitely the feeling you get when you’re with your children and everything just seems right. Everyone is happy, and you’re feeling SO full of the best love in the world. Nothing fills my heart up like a great moment with my kids. (#3 might be drinking my coffee made from my french press like I’m doing now. I’m already in vacation mode 🙂 )

I’m doting on my kids like crazy today. I’m giving them enough love to last them until Sunday evening. I made them pancakes this morning. I really don’t know where Silas puts them all. He ate like 9 of them. I can only eat around 2 before I’m stuffed. Mostly they just begged for more and whined though…I guess I’m not a fast enough pancake maker. Maybe it’ll be faster when I have my puffer!!!

Then we had some rambunctious fun starting with me giving Isaac his daily chewing. I think I’ll give him two chews today. The daily chewing consists of me chewing on his tummy, his armpits (which makes him make the most fascinating squeal noise), his cheeks and his chin…and pretty much anything else I can sink my teeth into. It’s a very tasty time. He really likes it when I blow in his mouth and make the air come out of his nose. Usually Silas is still napping when we have the daily chew but he was awake and chewed on my back the whole time…he’s really good at it, it tickles.

Then I sat on the floor for a round of “if you’re happy and you know it” and “shake your sillies out”. Nothing makes Ikey go bananas as much as “if you’re happy and you know it”. When I sang “if you’re beautiful and you know it should hurray!” he’d yell as loud as he could…not the word but he was at least shouting something. He’s my most favorite baby. Silas was going bananas too…it was quite the roudy house in here this morning. I sure love being crazy and silly with my kids. I always loved my mom being crazy and silly with me too. (she used to chew on me too, when we were cuddling she’d be rubbing my arm and then she’d just bite it…really hard. I know how she felt at that moment now 🙂 ).

I don’t know if it’s the fact that I’ve lost weight, or the sun shining, or my cleanse I did, or counseling or that I’m working out or what. I’m finally getting back to being genuinely happy. The way I felt before I got pregnant with Isaac (which I knew would be a blessing eventually…and of course that worked out for me). I guess it’s a mixture of everything. I’m so in love with my family, I’m so happy to be me right now. My insides are starting to glow, I’m gaining confidence, I’m becoming Leah again. My family is definitely reaping the benefits.

I’m going to continue doting on them like crazy today until I leave for my trip and then I’ll try and focus completely on the fun that’s about to ensue. When us siblings get together fun ALWAYS ensues. Oooooo that’s one of the best feeling in the world too!!! Having my siblings as my very closest, bestest friends ever. I wish it were all of us hanging out this weekend. Oooo I get to see and ex bf this weekend too…k he was my best guy friend throughout high school and we only dated for 6 months….he was in my wedding party too. It’s going to be nice that when I see old friends this weekend…I’m the same size as when they last saw me…I like that.

Time to pack!!

PS- the auction ends tomorrow so don’t forget to bid on your favorite Zaza Bag…we have a new goal of 3000 and we’re almost half way there. Help bring Zaza home to her new family!! Think about it, you could have a bag in your home that I lovingly made…it’s almost like getting a lock of Brittney Spears’ hair or Angelina’s placenta…I’m practically famous you know! Ha ha ha. And if you don’t like any of our bags this week, check back on Monday for a fresh batch or go to Bags4Darfur and see if you like today’s bag!!

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  1. Oh Leah, it’s so lovely to feel the joy jumping off the screen from your post today! It made me happy just to read it!

    I love “the daily chew”! Why is “chew” such a funny word to me? Lucas has this little knot doll that we gave him for teething way back when, but “chewy-man” has become his favorite lovey, so he’s still around. 🙂

    Congrats on your weight loss, your bright outlook, and your wonderful presence with the boys! You go, girl! Have a wonderful trip!


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