The pancake puffer has arrived!!!!!

Part of the fun of that is they put that key in my mailbox which opens a key to another mailbox that has your big stuff in it. Using that key always makes me feel special.

I’m pretty excited that the thing is actually good quality. It really is cast iron and nice and heavy and the holes are bigger than I thought they’d be. All of the accessories seem great too. I’m pretty stoked on it although after eating so much rich food this weekend, I think I’ll leave the eating part to my kids. We’ll have them for lunch!

This weekend was fun. My favorite part was seeing old friends. It’s the best feeling when you see an old friend and it feels like you just saw them yesterday. One person, Heather. I hadn’t really seen since I was about 16 and we seriously had the same connection we had when we were teens. It felt great to see everyone. Nathan and I still have so many inside jokes and aparrantly they’re just as funny as 4 years ago…who knew??

I also got a new cell phone and by george it’s PINK!!

I’m not big on spending skads of money on technology…this was actually free. I’m, just glad it’s pink :). You’d never know Mark is my step-dad…the man who always “needs” a bigger tv :).

Anyway, not much more to say, I’d just like to share some photos with you that I took of a dragonfly last night. He was majestic…and I don’t share my photography enough…it is only like…a passion of mine…

this next one is my personal favorite, I think I might get it blown up…it’s on my desktop.


  1. Beautiful pictures, I can sure tell you enjoyed taking them! Sounds like you had a really good weekend, you sound refreshed! Enjoy your week 🙂

  2. Oh, I wanna come for lunch with the pancake puffer. Will you make some for me next time I’m up? Great pictures. Coooool.

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