Bask in the Glory…

…of the puffs. (you can click on the photo for a larger version)

Silas helping

Ikey is STOKED

Some cooking and some finished

I put fresh peaches in the middle

Silas is enjoying the “pancake balls”Silas is enjoying the glory of the "pancake balls"

Num num num

K that thing is WAY too much fun.  I was thinking just now that you could use cake batter and make a strawberry shortcake puff with strawberries and whipped cream inside….and outside 🙂

Last night I had a hankering and Brent made them with chocolate chips and Sunbutter in them (sunbutter is sunflower seed butter for people who are peanut allergic) and it was FANTASTIC!!  They’re really light, not super heavy like pancakes are.  Num num num.

Super easy to use, it works fast, and it’s super sturdy.  The pancake puffer gets a 10/10 from me…phew.

So I did something yesterday that I kinda regret.  Ikey has had pretty funny hair that I’m sure you noticed in his photos.  It was getting REALLY long and so I thought it was finally time for an all over trim.  Once it was done I was really sad because he looks older now.  He’s still cute though.  I just like how it added to his ragamuffin look of being perpetually filthy and crusty.  With his big space inbetween his front teeth.  Ooooo filthy little Isaac….so tasty.

Anyway now he looks more clean…what do you think??

ya I gave him the fawk (faux hawk).  He’s cute with the fawk…I guess the rest of him is still ragamuffin-like…

Here’s one more photo cuz he’s cute.  I got him to do this just for Mark 🙂


  1. mmmmmm….those pancake puffs look so good! i might just have to find that infomercial to watch so i can order one myself 😀
    wishing you a great day!

  2. Waaaaahhhh! Ikey’s hair 🙁 Did you save me a wisp? Of course, he’s still adorable. He looks more like a stinker, which he is – his longer hair made him look more innocent than he really is.

  3. He’s grown so much, Ikey has. beginning to really look like a boy, instead of a baby. how precious such memories of motherhood must be.

    about the puffer …isn’t it tricky to flip them over? space looks kinda tight to get in there and flip ’em without creating a disaster.

  4. That pancake puffer looks yummy! My kiddos would LOVE that thing!

    Ikey is too cute – no matter what his hair looks like. I remember feeling the same way when I cut my little boys hair for the first time. It was bittersweet. 😉

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