Singer Silas Sings Again!

Yesterday Silas and I had some fun with the webcam and I wanted to show off his talents.  Before I put the things on my blog, I’ll link to each video in case they don’t load for your computer.

Bed of Roses – this one is long but worth it, he sings the whole song, perhaps not on key but he does get some harmony in there ha ha.  I think this is what we get for singing in harmony to him all of the time.  He thinks any note is ok.  He also puts a lot of emotion into it in the end..a ha.  He’s been listening to this song as he falls asleep lately.

All My Loving – this Beatles song is a favorite of his.  It’s really short too.

You are My Sunshine – *sigh* another short one…worth the watch.

I’m actually not going to put them here…I’m scared it’ll slow the page down too much.  Please check them out though…he’s a darling singer.

It means so much to me that he LOVES music.  Music was my life for a VERY long time as some of you might know.  I have 8 years of classical music under my belt.  I’ve had the privilege of touring Germany and Cuba because of music.  I met Brent through choir and got to tour Germany with him and the great Tony Funk.  I’ve gotten to sing with Brian Doerkson at church a few times which is kinda neato…he didn’t “discover” me, though, and turn me into the next Christian pop sensation lol.  He’s the one who wrote “Holy God” and Lucas makes Leanne play it 800 times a day…he he he he.  Anyway, it has been a big confidence builder in me.  Although I still seem to be scared of the phone but I’ll sing Ave Maria in front of a bunch of people no problemo.

Anyway, I could go on and on about how much music has been a part of my life.  It was a massive confidence booster for me.  I might even try out for Canadian Idol next yr…just for kicks.  I just hope that if Silas chooses music as his “thing” that he’ll get to experience even more things than I got to.  He’s got SO many musicians around him.  My husband is a great singer and guitar player…yes he’s in an 80’s metal cover band and I promise they sound JUST like the bands they cover…it’s amazing.  His Auntie Leanne is a master piano player, his mommy is a singer, my mom is a clarinet player/teacher and all of his relatives on my husband’s side can sing harmony like it’s breathing.  They all seem to be singers.  Mark plays piano and I think Brent’s dad Gord knows a few instruments but HE’LL NEVER PLAY THEM FOR ME!!  I think it would enhance Christmas…wouldn’t you?

Anyway.  Music music music.  How blessed are my boys to have such a circle around them??  Isaac is really enjoying music too but hasn’t gotten the same connection as Silas has had.  From birth, Silas would stop crying if we sung to him.  Ikey just wanted bouncing.  But he tries to sing along to some songs and definitely shows his excitement when he likes a song.  Oooooo I need to have a few more musical babies and they can be the next Jonas brothers ha ha ha.  *sigh

K I’m done bragging now….love ya’ll


  1. this is awesome! I love music too, as you already know, but I wish I had more confidence to sing a solo in front of others.

    So cool that your hubby is in an 80’s cover band! Wish I lived closer, I would come out and watch for sure.

  2. Leah & Brent
    It is wonderful how Silas can sing. With both parents being singers how fortunate your children are. Keep up with the singing – GREAT.

    Nest time we are at your home perhaps I can teach the squirrel song to the kids – or Little Red Wagon.

    Much love, Gram & Grumps

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