Sibling Rivalry is CUTE

My boys have started getting into little spats with each other.  I’m starting to hear Silas say “NO IKEY!” and I’m starting to see them fight over things.  It’s actually very amusing.

You know how Silas can be a bit of a bully to Ikey, he’s also very loving to him but will use him (or anyone else) as his punching bag if the mood strikes him ( it’s been SO much better once we quit time outs!  Other than yesterday where I forgot and put him in one…only to have my nose smashed and possibly fractured…little turd).  Well, I never expected Silas to be such a WIMP when the tables turned.

I was changing Silas’ bum the other day and Ikey came over and pulled Silas’ hair.  I saw that one hair came out.  Silas FLIPPED.  I tried to stop Ikey but he did grab his hair a few more times.  Kind of a hard thing when you’re changing a bum.  Anyway, for the next hour or so, every time Isaac came NEAR Silas he would claw at me and scream and try to get away.  What a wussie!!!  I’m not sure if he’s going to be a hockey player anymore, sorry Brent.

Ikey, on the other hand, goes bravely into the line of fire and hardly flinches when abuse is thrown upon him.  Today they were fighting over a cup of juice and Isaac was RELENTLESS.  He ended up winning that battle.  He he he…GO IKEY!!

I’m glad I think this is funny now because soon it’s going to be driving me mad.  What do you do though?  Might as well think it’s funny as long as I can.  I kinda let them have their thing for a bit unless it’s a dangerous situation.  Of course in the OJ situation I came to the rescue with a second cup of OJ so their world was back in order.  It was kinda funny to watch them though.  Silas is going to get it BAD when Ikey turns two, he has no idea how to stand up for himself.

Gosh I remember sibling rivalry.  It mostly happened between Andy and I.  I’m a pretty good wrestler now because of it.  Andy and I would play games for hours and if I won, I’d get the beats.  I think we beat on each other quite often.  Up until about 2 years ago I’d visit with him and almost ALWAYS leave with at least one bruise.  I think I’ve finally whined about it enough that he’s stopped.

I don’t quite know the “proper” way to deal with sibling rivalry.  Part of me thinks they just need to work it out themselves.  Part of me wants to pretend that I can’t actually hear them when they’re telling on each other.  I’m going to do that with whining…”what honey?  I can’t hear you…you must be whining”.  I guess I’ll just have to read more Barbara…she’ll know.


This morning I was desperate for Silas to snuggle with me in bed.  I offered to sing him a song in hopes he’d stay

Me: “Silas do you want me to sing Baby Mine?”

Silas: “no”

Me: “do you want me to sing…you are my sunshine?”

Silas: “no…*pause*…light some candles and sing Bed of Roses?”

That’s my boy!


  1. I’M BACK! So. This is what’s working really well with Lucas’ whining right now – I say very calmly, “Do you hear your whiny words? Is there another way to say that?” And guess what…he finds another calmer way to say it. Crazy stuff.
    Talk to you soon!

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